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My Favorite Pieces From The Target + Museum of Ice Cream Collection!


My Favorite Pieces from the Target x Museum of Ice Cream Collection

If you missed it, I basically live at Target these days. I counted and I was there 5 times last week. OOPS. I gotta say, I’m insanely impressed with the new collab they just launched with Museum of Ice Cream. It’s SO well done. A lot of times when big companies do food-themed collections, I find they can get cheesy really fast but they really NAILED this one. It feels so fresh and modern! And while I was so sad to see it was for kids and not adults nor babies (AKA nobody in my family, wahhhhhh!), Jeff and I both still managed to find a few pieces we could fit in!!! SCORE!!

Had to share some of my favorite items today to vicariously live through all of you who have kids who can fit in all of them!!

1. Scratch ‘n’ Sniff Tank, $10 | 2. Sleeveless Pink Jumpsuit, $22 | 3. Striped Tee, $10

4. Pleated Culotte Pants, $18 | 5. Lunch Bag, $15 | 6. Blue Ruffle Jumpsuit, $22

7. Graphic Sweatshirt, $17 | 8. Sparkle Swimsuit, $17 | 9. Banana Button-Down, $15

10. Banana Backpack, $17 | 11. Cherry Print Top, $15 | 12. Pink Sprinkle Coveralls, $18

For reference, I fit in an XL pink jumpsuit, a Large banana button down and an XL cherry print top! Jeff got the XL banana shorts!! Our store was already sold out of the culottes but I’m thinking about ordering those too. What’s your fave piece!?!?




  • Michelle

    I wish there was something similar to Target in Europe, these pieces are so cool!

  • Jackie

    Loooove all of this.

  • Cora

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only adult obsessed with this collection! I wanted to buy everything. Haha! I walked away with the Sprinkle dress (I’ve been searching for something similar forever) and Sprinkle fanny pack to use as a cycling bag! Happy camper!!!

  • Kristina B

    Happy to see I am not the only one who buys kids clothes at Target! HA!!! They make the cutest things! I saw this collection at my Target last night but already had 2 pairs of their new solid color shoes in my hands and no cart soooo NEXT TIME!

  • Amy Cluck-McAlister

    I was convinced this line would sell out immediately and waited up until midnight for the items to be available! I got the purse, enamel pins, and lunch box since I can’t fit into the clothes. The XS was still big on my toddler so I ended up returning the sprinkle overalls. They are sooo cute but that girl rolls in the mud so they wouldn’t have been white for long anyway. Dang it. You HAVE to get the culotte pants!!!

  • Gracie M

    Perks of working for Target – waiting for this for months and so excited for you to finally see this amazing line! I bought so many things… It’s amazing how it actually fits! You look so cute! I hope you’ll post some photos in the other items as well! Yay #targetlovesicecream!

  • Amanda J.

    I’m so sad about this not being in adult sizes. I really want the fringe jacket.

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