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14 Sconces That Make A Statement


Pink and Green Bathroom

Between our bathroom, kitchen and upcoming second bathroom renovation, I think I’ve researched every sconce there is to research on the internet at this point! Fact is, I love a “statement” sconce, whether it has a bold color, design element or texture. Lighting doesn’t have to be boring!!!! I dug back through my home inspo boards and pulled fourteen of my faves right now… if only I had 14 rooms to put them all in!!

14 Colorful Sconces That Make A Statement

Graphic by Meagan Knight for Studio DIY

No. 1 Teal Beaded Sconce | No. 2 Margot Sconce
No. 3 Single Kelly Sconce | No. 4 Cora Sconce
No. 5 Flynn Sconce | No. 6 Paola Sconce
No. 7 Double Kelly Sconce | No. 8 Vista Sconce
No. 9 Amada Sconce | No. 10 Glass Pebble Sconce
No. 11 Padma Sconce | No. 12 Salmar Sconce
No. 13 Valmont Sconce | No. 14 Terra Sconce

Which one is your fave!? For reference, the Double Kelly Sconce is the one in our bathroom and the Valmont Sconce is the one in our kitchen! Reveal coming next week!!!

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