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The Mindwelling: Our Master Bathroom Reveal!


Green Tile Shower | Master Bathroom

Meet our master bathroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This room is the final piece of our master suite (see the bedroom here and the closet here!) and it feels so good to have this space done! I knew I wanted to play off the warm pink and peach tones of the bedroom, but add something totally new too. GREEN!! Oh man, am I head over heels for that deep shade of green. I LOVE how bold it is and how when you look at it from the bedroom it really, really pops. I’ll get into all the details below but first, let’s take a look back at where this room started.

Bohemian Master BathroomMaster Bathroom Renovation: The BeforeMaster Bathroom Renovation: The BeforeMaster Bathroom Renovation: The BeforeBohemian Master Bathroom

How To Save Money On A Bathroom Renovation

Similar to kitchen, a great way to save money on a bathroom renovation is to keep all the plumbing where it is, which is exactly what we did in this space. We kept the same layout but made some modifications within that. First, we decided to swap the bath/shower combo for a larger walk-in shower. Since we have to consider re-sale value with this house, we’ll be putting a bathtub in the “kids” bathroom when we renovate that as it’s very important to have at least one bathtub in your home. Second, we decided to add a second sink since we had the room for it. You can read even more about our vision for this bathroom here.

Green Zellige Tile Shower | Master Bathroom

Where To Start With A Bathroom Design

I always like to zero in on one major element in a room first. It gives me a good starting point and anchors my design, instead of picking out 10 different items I like all at once and then trying to get them to fit together. (p.s. I’m working on a post about my design process, a lot of you have asked! So stay tuned for that!)

For a bathroom, tile is a great element to start with. I had been intrigued by zellige tiles for quite some time. Have you heard of it? It’s a terracotta tile handmade in Morocco and the glaze colors are SO vibrant. My favorite aspect of zellige is how varied and imperfect it is, unlike tile you typically see nowadays. Each individual tile is completely unique and it is intended to be laid “butt jointed” or without grout joints. We went with the Secret Lagoon color from Clé Tile and I’m officially HOOKED after seeing it in our space. You can see all the amazinggggg hues they offer here.

Green Zellige Tile in a BathroomColorful Bohemian Bathroom

Now, I pinned this hexagon clip floor tile, also from Clé Tile, right around when we first bought the house. Wasn’t sure if or when I’d use it but I just loved it so much. Once I fell in love with the green zellige for the shower and half wall, I circled back to this one and loved how it contrasted with the bold color. The tiles were the first thing we picked for the room and everything else was centered around them.

Pink Concrete Sinks

After that, I sourced the vanity which I wanted to be wood and relatively simple, but still functional for storage. This one was perfect, though we ended up cutting down the legs to account for our low ceilings and our vessel sinks. Speaking of sinks…. THESE SINKS! They’re the bowl basin sink by Nood Co. and they’re a blush pink concrete!! It’s always fun to take something that is often just a standard element in a room and make it a statement and these did just that! I told Jeff that I’m probably going to rip them off the marble and take them with us whenever we move someday. 😉

Colorful Bohemian BathroomColorful Bohemian Bathroom

How To Add More Natural Light To A Small Space

This bathroom didn’t have a single source of natural light when we started! (The little window in the “before” photos went into the now-closet) We obviously wanted to change that. Since we had to account for the vanity and mirrors, we couldn’t add any large windows so we added four smaller natural light sources instead. We added two smaller windows, one above the toilet and one tall narrow one in the shower. Next we added two Velux Sun Tunnels, one on the far side of the bathroom and one in the shower. They’re essentially tubular sun tunnels so they work great for small rooms (only about 10″ in diameter) and add SO much light as the tunnels are reflective aluminum. I think adding natural light to this space was the biggest game changer in the room.

Colorful Green Bohemian Bathroom

Beautiful, But Functional Bathroom Storage

Storage is key in a bathroom! The original layout had these deep shelves that we decided to keep. Since they’re so deep, we’re using the back half to store towels and in front of them, I added these large baskets. They’re great for storing bulk items like extra toilet paper, tampons, tissues and bath products.

Baskets for Bathroom StorageBright Bohemian Bathroom Ideas

In the vanity, we store all our necessities like make-up, toothpaste, shaving items, a hair dryer, etc. For me, having drawers in the vanity was non-negotiable. They’re so much easier to keep organized than cabinets. We outfitted each drawer and cabinet with acrylic storage containers from The Container Store and so far, they’ve stayed really tidy!

Next we added a towel ladder to hold our hand towels. Using a towel ladder instead of a towel bar allows you to take advantage of extra vertical space you might have. Had we put a towel bar on that wall, the rest of it would have felt quite empty, but the ladder draws your eye from the floor all the way up to the plant hanging above.

Bathroom Towel LadderBohemian Master Bathroom

How to Add Character To A Space

One simple change we did was round off the wall between the shelving and the shower. Our house was built in the 1930s and has these amazing rounded corners in several of the rooms and we wanted to bring a bit of that to the bathroom, which was a later addition and lacks the same character. So we had our construction team round the wall just slightly and it makes a world of difference when you see it in real life. The element now feels like it was thought of instead of just a piece that was needed to separate the two spaces.

Pink and Green Bathroom

Completing the Design of A Bathroom

Bathrooms are a great place to incorporate a beautiful sconce, whether it’s in-between your mirrors, on the sides of them or above them. We worked with Sazerac Stitches (who did Arlo’s light fixture!) to custom design this one to perfectly fit our space. It really completes the wall and provides a softer lighting option in comparison to the overhead ones we have.

Bohemian Jungalow Bathroom

Like any room, art can really complete a bathroom! We saw this painting my friend Justina did and it looks like she created it JUST for this bathroom, the colors are so perfect! We went with a large size and it really anchors the other half of the room.

Plants also shouldn’t be forgotten when it comes to a bathroom. Since we had the natural light, we were able to move a hanging plant into the space and it’s thriving under the sun tunnel! Plus, it pulls the deep green shade from the tile across the room.

Moroccan Rug in a Bathroom

And of course, the vintage rug. This was the final piece I sourced for this room and it was quite a challenge since our color palette was so specific. Typically I start a room with a rug for this exact reason, but I love that this one pulls out the terra cotta color in the tiles and has an oversized pattern to contrast them, too. Having a rug in front of your vanity grounds it, and feels great under your feet too of course. =)

Pink Master Bathroom

Photos by Jeff Mindell

Permanent Fixtures

Tile: Secret Lagoon Zellige Tile* | Hex Clip Cement Tile*
Sun Tunnels* | Paint: “White” by Dunn Edwards
Vanity with a Marble Counter (sourced separately) | Knobs
Concrete Bowl Basin Sinks* | Sink Faucets | Pop-Up Sink Stoppers
Gold Mirrors | “Kelly” Wall Sconce*
Shower Head | Shower Valve | Toilet Lever


Face Art Print* | Ladder (We have the 5′ size!)| Hanging Planter
Llama Basket | Mustard Hand Towel | Blush Striped Hand Towel
Baskets | Wool Tassels | Vintage Rug
Soap Dispenser from Target | Dot Planter | Candle

I think I start every house reveal with “finally!” but the truth is, I take my time for a reason! I don’t like to settle on any detail when it comes to our home. A lot of people say “just pick something and you can change it later!” but my brain doesn’t work like that. I search until I find the perfect piece, or the one that has meaning behind it or the one that a friend made. And I hope it shows!

*These items were generously donated in exchange for coverage on the blog. Thank you for supporting the sponsors and partners who support us. All opinions are my own.


  • Leila

    Wow this is the most beautiful bathroom. I cannot wait to see your kitchen!

  • Naomi

    I LOVE the color combination! I could imagine you doing it any different, it’s so uniquely you!

  • Amy

    Gah! So good you guys! Such a fun and happy space! Also, I kind of want a light tunnel in every room now!!!

  • nicole

    [email protected]#k YES!!!! This is perfection!!! Amazing job!

  • Mandee McEvoy

    its sooooo perfect. you guys really knocked it out of the park with this, for real!
    working on our master bath design currently and its really a tough balance between classic, yet unique, timless and modern, and i think you nailed your personal style here 100%Q

  • Samantha

    This is SO gorgeous! Your renovation posts are some of my favorites! I’m wondering, though-and this is random-but only because I also live in an old house-during these renovations, do you hire special contractors to deal with the presence of lead paint in your space? I’m always so on the fence about doing ANYTHING that disturbs what was there before because it’s so likely there is lead paint and/or asbestos involved! Would love to hear your thoughts on this and how you approach it!

    • Victoria

      I’d say that’s a really good reason to hire an architect or someone who can represent you and your design standards to the contractor. You would want someone to specifications for your project which includes how to test for hazardous materials, then how to dispose of/continue work if they are located. Not only that but specifications for products which call for certain levels of durability, material application, etc. An architect should act as your advocate with the contractor and ensure that materials, means, and methods meet your quality, health, and safety standards.

  • Cathy

    It’s beautiful but very buyer specific.

    • Kelly

      Very true! Since my “job” is in part to do creative projects like this, we definitely go a little more bold than most would on a house that isn’t their forever home! But it’s all about balance too, for the kitchen we’re choosing to go bold on things that are much more easily changed!

      • Vanessa

        Would you have been willing to go as bold as you did on the tile if you had to pay full price/pay for it? I used to design handbags and found that if I was getting a free sample I was happy to take and wear something that was more risky or trendy but probably wouldn’t have spent $$$ on it if I had to part with my own money.

  • Felicia

    Absolutely gorgeous bathroom!! love every single detail! The green tile is gorgeous and the color combination is stunning. I love all the storage, natural light, and your vanity and sink! What a dreamy space to spend time in.

  • Cathy

    Ahhh, this is absolutely STUNNING!!! All the heart eyes for that green tile! I love the thought you put into every single thing in your spaces. You layer so many textures and textiles (like adding the tassels to the baskets — totally stealing this idea!), your spaces always feel elevated and yet still homey. Thanks for sharing the final results!

  • Trish

    Simply gorgeous!

  • Amanda

    This is beautiful! I love it so much. I did have a question about towels though – do you only just have the ladder for all your towels? I love how it looks but wondering how well that works with them drying etc. Thanks!

    • Kelly

      We’re putting up towel hooks on the back of the door! Just hadn’t found any I loved yet so didn’t include it in the post! The ladder is just for hand towels!

      • Amanda

        Ah ok, got it thanks! I really do love that idea though, such a fun way to do the hand towels for sure!

  • Pepi

    I’m in LOVE! This is going to help me so much in my own renovation next month! The colors, the decor, the fixtures, EVERYTHING, is so so beautiful.

  • Joy

    It’s beautiful! I love all of the details and you can tell you took time and chose the best pieces. That is hard for me, because I want it ALL NOW…very Varuca Salt of me! 🙂

    I had a pink sink in my last house and loved it, except I think it got dirty looking faster than white… I made my husband stop using an electric toothbrush because it was getting white splatters all over it and was looking a mess constantly.

  • Jean

    OMG. Green is my least favor color in the whole wide world. When I see the color green I literally get angry, but this…..OMG. I am blown away. I love this so much. Your attention to detail is impeccable. I would never leave my house if it looked like yours. Especially the master bedroom. Cannot wait to see your kitchen reveal👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️

  • Katy

    AHHHH I can’t believe you got those Nood sinks! I’ve been lusting over them for months trying to find a source for something similar in the States. I’m so happy to see that they ship to the US though! They are amazing. Those aussies do everything better.

    • Kelly

      They really do!! I keep joking that if we ever visit Australia, I’m gonna have to ship a cargo crate back of all the things I buy for the house! Haha!

  • Victoria

    Beautiful! LOVE the tile. But can we talk about ALL of the architectural changes here – you filled in the window on the wall adjacent to the toilet. Punched through the dropped ceiling by the shower and shelves, continuing the angled roof line – thus relocating the vent to what looks like more toward the center of the room. Also punched a new window in the shower, punched a window above the toilet, in addition to the solar tube. I’d really like to see photos of the ceiling above the shower – is it tiled, too? Solar tube there? I’m seeing some light in that area reflecting off of the tile, similarly to how it’s reflecting off the window…. Did you frost the glass in the shower window, or is anyone creeping out your window getting a peep show?- haha!

    • Kelly

      Thanks so much!! We did make a lot of small changes that made a world of difference in the room!!

      The ceiling above the shower is not tiled but there IS a sun tunnel from Velux up there! I’ll try to share a pic on stories soon! And the glass in the shower is frosted!!

  • Kristina B

    This is PERFECTION. very cabana-y! I love it! The sinks and the mirrors are my favorite and I love that you snuck a ladder in there for your towels! Looks amazing!!!

  • Dana

    That tile is EVERYTHING. Love it!! Well done Kelly!!

  • Jenny

    Love the vibrant tile choices and the Nood sinks! I didn’t notice the toilet lever update until I saw that you had it itemized on your link list, and I was impressed by that subtle touch- I didn’t even know you could just update the lever!

    Question for you re: the rug… I know you love these rugs so much, but does it work well with the practicality of a bathroom? Since it gets wet daily? Or I wonder if it’s actually more ideal since it might be easier to clean often? Just curious!

  • Justina Blakeney

    just killing you you guys. love it so much. thanks for including my art here <3

  • Monique | Little Miss Mon Bon

    At first I wasn’t too sure about the green tiles and pink tiles. But the more and more I look at the photos of your bathroom, the more I realise that I need my bathroom to look like this! Such an unexpected but amazing combo!

    Little Miss Mon Bon

  • Lindsey

    This is so ridiculously creative and just beautiful! Never in a million years would I have thought to put these things together and it looks AWESOME. I’m so curious about your design process! How do you pull together inspiration and decide what things to go bold with and where to be more conservative? It came out lovely!!

  • Alexandra

    I love this SO SO much!! Every home reveal you post is better than the last. It so nice to see a room / house that feels so personal but is also SO BEAUTIFUL and doesn’t look like every other kitchen/bathroom I see on Instagram. Thank you guys for always being YOU and letting us follow along!

  • Jennie

    Did you retro fit your vanity OR did you go completely new? If retrofit, how did you go about this process? Attempting to update my vanity and need tips. Thank you.

  • Nancy50

    I love this bathroom! I’m currently in the middle of a bathroom refresh and was wondering how art such as framed prints hold up in steamy rooms. I’d love to have something like the Justina print – really makes a statement!

  • Amber Magee

    Gorgeous bathroom. I’m redoing my kitchen and we have chosen the secret lagoon subway tiles. What color grout did you use?

  • Full Moon Farm Medusa, NY

    Such a transformation! Love all the tile inspo here. Now your loo is a real moment.

  • Gloria

    Holy moly! All the green and pink is so awesome! A job very well done, I’m glad I stumbled across it <3

  • Jill Coppney

    hey there! love this! We are using this same tile in a re-do. Can you share what color grout you used? So hard to tell what would work best! Thanks!

  • Kelsey

    Beautiful! I was wondering if you’d be willing to share where you found this gorgeous vanity??

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