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20 Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes


DIY Banana Costume

Halloween is tomorrow and you still need a costume? I got you covered, girl! I rounded up twenty last-minute DIY costumes you can make TONIGHT! Or even tomorrow, really. Every single item for these costumes can be found at a local craft store, and most of ’em can just be found at Target and in your closet!!! We’ve got everything from food to throwbacks to pop-culture references so you can make it look like you were planning this allll year!

1. Yellow and White Foam + White Shirt + Yellow Skirt/Pants = DIY Banana Costume

DIY Bubblegum Costume

2. Pink Dress + Silver Ribbon + Balloons + Adhesive Felt = DIY Bubblegum Costume

3. Green Outfit + White Yarn + Yarn Poms = DIY Cactus Costume

DIY Frosted Animal Cookie

4. Pink or White Outfit + Pom Poms + Felt Ears = DIY Frosted Animal Cookie Costume

DIY Ice Cream Cone Costume

5. White Shirt + Tan Skirt/Pants + Cardstock + Balloon = DIY Ice Cream Costume

DIY Strawberry Costume

6. Red Dress + White Felt + Green Cardstock = DIY Strawberry Costume

DIY Hot Dog Costume

7. Red or Yellow Outfit + Pie Tin + Paint + Cardstock = DIY Ketchup + Mustard Costume

DIY Burger Costume

8. Tan Outfit + Wide Elastic + Felt = DIY Burger Costume

DIY Chill Pill Costume

9. Pink Dress/Skirt/Pants + White Sweatshirt + Black Adhesive Felt = DIY Chill Pill Costume

DIY Family Weather Costume

10. Yellow Outfit + Foam Sphere + Cardstock + Sunglasses = DIY Sun Costume

DIY Champagne Halloween Costume

11. Gold Outfit + Champagne Bottle + Balloons = DIY Champagne Costume

DIY Pineapple Costume

12. Yellow Outfit + Green Cardstock + Toilet Paper Roll = DIY Pineapple Costume

DIY I'm A Mouse Duh Costume from Mean Girls

13. T-Shirt + Iron-on Letters + Mouse Ears = DIY I’m A Mouse, Duh Costume

14. Yellow Dress + Tan and Yellow Cardstock + Black Marker + Pink Shoes = DIY Pencil Costume

DIY Soda Bottle Costumes

15. Pie Tin + Silver Cardstock + White Felt + Dress = DIY Soda Bottle Costume

DIY Beanie Baby Costume

16. Outfit + Red and White Cardstock + Red Ribbon + Foam Balls (or just Animal Ears!) = DIY Beanie Baby Costume

DIY Raining Men Costume

17. Umbrella + Celeb Print-outs + String + Raincoat + Rainboots = DIY Raining Men Costume

18. White/Pink/Brown Outfit + Cotton Batting + Balloon + Cardstock = DIY Milkshake Costume

DIY Cookies + Milk Couples Costume

19. Tan Dress + Brown Felt + Bottle + White Felt = DIY Cookies + Milk Costume

DIY Juice Box Costume

20. Dress + Wrapping Paper Roll + Cellophane = DIY Juice Box Costume

Soooo… which one are you going to be!?!? Can’t wait to see!!! Remember, if you use one of our tutorials, be sure to tag #studiodiyincostume so we can see + share!


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