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30 Food Halloween Costumes!


DIY Banana Costume

If there’s one thing we’ve made a lot of for Halloween, it’s food costumes!! I’m sharing some of our favorites here. If you make one, be sure to share it with #studiodiyincostume!!! And check out all our costumes over here if you need even more inspo!

1. DIY Banana Costume (Ab0ve)

DIY Tropical Drink + Pool Boy Couple's Costume

2. DIY Tropical Drink + Pool Boy Couples Costume

DIY Cosmic Brownie Costume

3. DIY Cosmic Brownie Costume

DIY Rock Candy Costume

4. DIY Rock Candy Costume

DIY School Lunch Costumes

5. DIY School Lunch Costumes

6. DIY Cereal Bowl Costume

DIY Hot Dog Costume

7. DIY Hot Dog Costume

DIY Cookies + Milk Couples Costume

8. DIY Cookies + Milk Couples Costume

9. DIY Burger Costume

DIY Soda Bottle Costumes

10. DIY Soda Bottle Costumes


11. DIY Fries (Before Guys!) Costume

DIY Toaster Pastry Costume

12. DIY Toaster Pastry Costume

DIY Pie Slice Costumes

13. DIY Pie Slice Costumes

DIY Citrus Slice Costumes

14. DIY Citrus Slice Costumes

DIY Frosted Animal Cookie

15. DIY Frosted Animal Cookie Costume

16. DIY S’mores Dog Costume

17. DIY Gumball Machine Costume

18. DIY Fruit Costumes

19. DIY Fro-yo Costume

DIY Ring Pop Costume

20. DIY Ring Pop Costume

21. DIY Milkshake Costumes

22. DIY Popcorn Costume

DIY Ice Cream Cone Costume

23. DIY Ice Cream Cone Costume

24. DIY Pizza Slice + Delivery Boy Couples Costume

DIY Bubblegum Costume

25. DIY Bubblegum Costume

26. DIY Strawberry Costume

27. DIY Pineapple Costume

28. DIY Birthday Cake Costume

29. DIY Donut Costume

30. DIY Croquembouche + French Chef Couples Costume

Which one are you gonna be this year!?




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