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How To Decorate A Kids Room!


Arlo's Rainbow Nursery Reveal

I’ve been taking a bit of a hiatus from Friday/Weekend posting lately because things have been so crazed. But I really wanted to pop in today with something I’m super passionate about because it’s timely and I just had to spread the word!!

I got the chance to take an amazing interior styling course over the last few weeks and am passing the word along because I think some of you guys would really love it! It’s called Kids Rooms 101 and it’s all about designing and styling kids rooms!!!!

How To Decorate A Kid's Room

(Above photo is one of the rooms featured in the course, designed by Belinda! It’s so dreamyyy!!)

I found it first when I was designing Arlo’s room AKA when I felt like I found my true “calling.” Is that cheesy or…!? Ha! I just enjoyed it so much and while I’m enjoying designing the other rooms in our house, nothing compares to my excitement I had for his room.

I’ve since been trying to soak in all the knowledge I can about kids rooms because it’s something I want to do way more of, personally and professionally. So I connected with the co-creators of the course Belinda (who’s an interior designer specializing in kids spaces!!) and Ali and got a little advanced preview of the newest version of the course.

Arlo's Rainbow Nursery Reveal

Guys, I learned SOOO much in it.

It’s chock full of concrete takeaways and design principles. Designing kids rooms is SO different than other spaces! Tips like the main functionalities of a kids room you should keep in mind, how to create a focal point, ways to display items that are important to your kiddoss and how to pick the right rug size and art.

But perhaps what you guys will love most, because you ask me about it alllllll the time, are the easy-to-use  (and free or super affordable) tools they’ve discovered to build design/mood boards. BOOM! They blew my mind what they could put together without the crazy expensive software I typically use!

How To Decorate A Kid's Room

The new session of the class begins on November 2nd. They’re doing early bird pricing now through Oct 28th (at 11:59pm AEST, which is 6:59am PST by the way!) if you want to join. You can find all the details here! FYI the pricing is all listed in Australian dollars! Keep that in mind!! Signing up also grants you access to a list of discount codes from super cute companies they work with AND an awesome Facebook group where you can bounce ideas around with other students and the instructors!

So if you’re a parent or someone looking to dive professionally into the kids interiors world, I just had to share it! If you have any Qs about it, leave ’em below! I’m so glad I took the class and now even more excited to get to work on our upcoming kiddo room projects!!!! BRING ‘EM ONNNN!!!!




  • Hannah Sedgwick

    Hi Kelly! Do you have any recommendations for a similar course that focuses on general interior design, not just kids rooms? Or do you have any go-to resources you’ve been using for the rest of the Mindwelling?

  • Joy

    Thanks for sharing Kelly! I’m very interested in this course. I have LOTS of big ideas for updating my 19 month old’s room and creating a new nursery for my little one on the way, but I struggle with getting overwhelmed with the process. This course sounds like a wonderful way to stay focused and edit down exactly what you need. Do you think you’ll receive a discount code?

    • Ali

      Hi Joy!
      Thank you for your interest in our course 😊. The course is currently discounted with the early bird price which ends very soon. I hope that helps!

  • Jen

    Love this! You may have already covered this, but do you have any tips for small space kids rooms? I am originally from the US, but have moved to the U.K. with my husband, and I struggle with the lack of space in English houses! The house I owned in the US had huge rooms, and my sons room was very easy to decorate because I had the space to fit all the elements he loved. Our house here was built in the early 1900’s so it’s been converted from a 2 to a 3 bedroom, essentially giving each of our son’s 1/2 a room. Our youngest is only 1 so still in a crib, but as soon as we have to switch to a full single bed, he’s not going to have much space. Any suggestions?

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