Five Things to make with Animal Crackers for National Animal Cracker Day
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Five Things to do with Animal Crackers


Happy National Animal Crackers Day! Man, I love food holidays and I love animal crackers. My personal favorites are the ones from Publix. Every time I go to Florida I stock up. They also happen to make the most adorable (and affordable) party food for kids parties, so I’ve rounded up a few ways to creative with these little critters. And hey, I even snuck in an adult-appropriate version too! You know, if you’re too grown up for the real thing.

1. Animal Cracker Favors: Why yes, I would like to take home a box of animal crackers from your party. Thank you very much. Jazz up the boxes they come in or display them in all their glory with clear boxes like these.

animal-cracker-party-favors animal-cracker-favors

Animal Cracker Party Favors Photo by Lyndsey Fagerlund via Kara’s Party Ideas

2. Animal Cracker Snacks: Forget ants on a log, they just got attacked by animal crackers! I know I may focus on desserts and it may appear that I sit around and down sugar all day, but I’m all about a healthy snack too. Peanut butter and celery is a no-fail combo and add some critters on top for a yummy party bite!


Animal Cracker Snacks via Snackpicks

3. Animal Cracker Cupcakes: Back to the sugar… a cheap and easy cupcake topper, better yet coat them in candy to match your party colors. Now you’re ready for a circus (or safari) party!


Animal Cracker Cupcakes via Delighted Momma

4. Animal Cracker Ice Cream Sandwiches: You’ll have to work quickly to make these party ready, but you can mini ice cream sandwiches in all sorts of animal shapes! roll them in sprinkles or mini chocolate chips for a little extra fun.


Animal Cracker Ice Cream Sandwiches via Oh Joy!

5. Animal Cracker Crust: For an adult party, use animal crackers without anyone even knowing it! You know all us “grown ups” love the flavor and, ground up, the crackers make a fantastic pie crust. RIP animal crackers.


Animal Cracker Pie Crust via Domestic Fits

Have something you’d like to see in the “Five Things to do with…” series? Let me know in the comments below!


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