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The Best Food Gifts To Send for Holidays and Birthdays


Food Gifts to Send for Birthdays and Holidays

I am a BIG fan of sending food gifts for holidays and birthdays! We are constantly having conversations with family and friends about how none of us need more “stuff” and sending a food gift is a great way to let them know you’re thinking about them, without adding more things they don’t necessarily want or need to their home!

Today I wanted to share some of our go-to, delicious food gifts to send! All of these can be shipped nationwide in the USA!

Food Gifts to Mail - Milkbar Cake Truffles

Milkbar Cake Truffles

These things are ADDICTING! Bite size funfetti cake balls in a few different flavors and OH MAN! So good.

This is perfect for a birthday gift or any other celebratory occasion!

You can order Milkbar Cake Truffles here.

Food Gifts to Mail - Milk Jar Cookies

Milk Jar Cookies

These cookies are some of the absolute best cookies I’ve ever had. We’ve sent them to countless people across the country, in good times and in bad. They ship really well, and you can custom pick your flavors!

Our favorites are the chocolate chip and the chocolate peanut butter, but seriously they are ALL amazing.

You can learn more about ordering Milk Jar Cookies here. The deadline for their Mother’s Day orders is THIS Sunday so hop on that quickly!! You won’t regret it!

Food Gifts to Mail - Lou Malnatis Deep Dish Pizza

Lou Malnati’s Deep Dish Pizza

We received this as a gift once and were hooked. Famous Chicago deep dish pizza shipped right to your door!!!

If you have friends or family who prefer savory to sweet, this is the perfect gift to give. They even have a “crustless” gluten free version!

You can order Lou Malnati’s deep dish pizza here!

Food Gifts to Mail - Valerie Confections Toffee

Valerie Confections Toffee

A partner we worked with sent us this toffee as a thank you and after taking a bite, I immediately hid the box from the rest of my family. Some of the best toffee I’ve ever had!!

They have all different flavors, combos and sizes here but the almond fleur de sel is my favorite! The chocolate bars are incredible too.

Food Gifts to Mail - Graeters Ice Cream

Graeters Ice Cream

If you’ve ever been to Cincinnati, you know about Graeters. They are famous (at least in my family, ha!) for their insanely huge chocolate chunks in their ice cream. We use to go to the one near my grandma’s and have contests to see who got the biggest chunk of chocolate.

And they ship nationwide!! You can make your own pack of a few different pints and it’s such a special gift to give (or receive, ha)!

You can order Graeters Ice Cream here!

Food Gifts to Mail - Lady and Larder Cheese Board

Lady & Larder Cheese Board

We ordered a few cheese, meat and veggie boards from Lady & Larder for a team meeting once and were so impressed!

They have a pretty cool kit that ships nationwide that comes with everything you need for an incredible meat and cheese board, including the board itself!

You can order a Lady & Lard DIY cheese board kit here!

Food Gifts to Mail - Baked By Melissa Mini Cupcakes

Baked by Melissa Mini Cupcakes

This place is close to my heart and we’ve been fans since they were just a small pop up window in NYC.

They make the CUTEST teeny tiny cupcakes in delicious and unique flavors. They ship them all over now in the cutest sets with all different themed packaging. 

Would be such a hit with kids or teens!

You can order Baked by Melissa cupcakes here.

Cake Monkey Pop Pie Delivery

Cake Monkey’s Pop Pies

Cake Monkey is one of my FAVORITE bakeries. They put new spins on classic childhood treats, like hostess cupcakes and pop tarts! You can order all sorts of sampler packs of their treats, and there’s even vegan and gluten free options!

You can order Cake Monkey’s Pop Pies (and other desserts) here!

Food Gifts to Mail - Danas Bakery Macarons

Dana’s Bakery Macarons

I love Dana’s macarons because unlike typical macarons, they come in the quirkiest flavors, like fruity cereal, PB&J and cotton candy! 

You can also buy sets with messages for special occasions, like asking your bridesmaids to be a part of your wedding!

You can order Dana’s Bakery Macarons here!

Magnolia Bakery Banana Pudding for Shipping and Delivery

Magnolia Bakery Banana Pudding

Ever had this famous banana pudding!? I think it’s one of my husband’s all-time favorites. And now you can have it shipped to your door… in regular size and… pantry size!? Ha! Such a great, unexpected food gift. They often have speciality flavors too, if you want to change it up!

You can order Magnolia Bakery’s Banana Pudding here.



Food Gifts to Mail - Homeboy Foods

Homeboy Baked Goods

Homeboy Industries is an organization that provides training and support for formerly incarcerated or gang-involved individuals, allowing them to redirect their lives.

Trainees work in a bakery and produce AMAZING pastries, cakes and other baked goods… all of which can be ordered and delivered as a great gift that also supports this wonderful organization.

You can order Homeboy’s baked goods right here!

Food Gifts to Mail - Sugarfina Candy Bento Boxes

Sugarfina Candy Bento Boxes

Sugarfina is a luxury candy company that sells pretty (and delicious!) candy curated from all over the world. They have these really cool “bento boxes” that you can customize and send as gifts for all sorts of occassions.

If you know a candy lover, this will BLOW their mind! Their candy is also great for corporate gifting!

You can order their pre-made candy bento boxes here or totally customize one here!

The Best Food Gifts to Send for Birthdays and Holidays

Any other favorite food gifts that you love to send? Leave them below!


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