Easy DIY Easter Bunny Piñata
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DIY Easter Bunny Piñata


We’ve gotten our egg decorating on (twice!) and there is still one more to come. But first, we piñata. I’m definitely petitioning to make piñata a verb, by the way. While I work on that, take a look at the easiest piñata I’ve ever made! No cardboard cutting, no fringing. Just some crepe paper gathered up and BAM! It turns into an Easter bunny. This Easter piñata is pull-style. Fill it up, hang it up, pull, enjoy.

DIY Easter Bunny Pinata

Bunny Pinata DIY

White Fine Crepe Paper (This is what I used. It’s the thickness of crepe streamers, and you can purchase it at many party stores. You could probably make tissue paper work as well.)
Pink and White Cardstock
Pink Pom Pom
Awl (Optional, you can use scissors too!)
Piñata Fillings! (I love using Easter grass and even mini Easter eggs in these!)

First, cut a 4.5″ (About! Just find a bowl to trace.) circle out of white cardstock. For each piñata you’ll also need two 20″ by 20″ squares of crepe paper. Lay those down one atop the other and then lay your circle on top, right in the center. Using an awl or sharp scissor point, poke a hole through all three layers.

Easy DIY Pinata How To Make a Pinata

Cut your ribbons to your desired length (These will be used to pull the piñata apart, so make sure they are long enough for the piñata-puller to reach once it’s hung up!) and slip them through the hole. Tie a large knot and then tape the end to your circle for extra security.

DIY Easter Pinata How To Make an Easter Pinata

Now pile those piñata filling goodness atop your crepe + circle. Now you’ll want to bring both sides up, as if you are folding the paper in half horizontally.

Easter Pinata Bunny Pinata Tutorial

Pinch together both ends to form “ears” and tie them together with a piece of ribbon, knotting in the back. Leave a lot of extra length at the end of your ribbon because this is how you’ll hang the piñata.

Easter Pinata DIY Bunny Pinata DIY for Easter

Now to fanci-fy those ears! Cut out two “ear” shapes from your pink cardstock, slightly smaller than the ears you just formed with the crepe paper. Glue one onto each ear.

Easter Pinata DIY Tutorial DIY Bunny Pinata

Finally, add that cute little pink nose, and any other embellishments you may want. I happened to think it was too darn cute with just the nose, so I left it at that! Guess what? You’re done!

DIY Easter Bunny Pinatas Tutorial How To Make an Easter Bunny Pinata

Easiest piñata ever, no? Now just hang, and pull!

DIY Easter Bunny Pinata

All Photos by Studio DIY

No real Easter bunnies were harmed in the making of this piñata.

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