DIY Watercolor Monogram Straw Toppers
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DIY Watercolor Monogram Straw Toppers


While I play catch-up after my weeks of travel, I asked the amazing Kersey of Ardor to come over a share one of her crafty tutorials with you guys! She’s awesome, and so is this DIY. Enjoy!!

Hello! I’m Kersey, from Ardor and I am thrilled to be here today to share a fun little DIY for Kelly. These straw toppers are so much fun both to make and to use! They are super easy and perfect for parties (this is Studio DIY after all!).

DIY Watercolor Monogram Straw Toppers

DIY Monogram Straw Topper Supplies

Watercolor Paper
Watercolor Paints
Reversed Alphabet Downloads
Exacto Knife
Cutting Mat

Ok, so first thing. Download the letters you need, or all of them if you want! You will notice they are reversed. That is so you can print them out straight onto the watercolor paper and when they are finished the pretty side will be the right way. Make sense? Good. Next, paint the paper. Use your favorite colors or patterns, make it fun! With watercolor, its pretty much impossible to mess up, it always looks amazing.

DIY Watercolor Monogram Straw Toppers Tutorial

After the paint is completely dry, you may notice your paper is a bit warped. I suggest putting a heavy book on top of it. The kind of book you dreaded reading in college. Yeah, that one. After a few minutes, it will hopefully be flat again and ready for cutting! Cut the letters out with the exacto knife on the cutting mat. You could use scissors, but I prefer the control of a knife. I know that makes me sounds like a psycho. But it’s true!

Watercolor Monogram Straw Toppers

Once they are all cut out, make a slit toward the top and toward the bottom for the straws to go through.

Monogram Straw Topper DIY

How To Make Monogram Straw Toppers

See? That was easy, right? They are so much fun and a great way to keep track of your drink at a party!

How To Make Watercolor Monogram Straw Toppers

Watercolor Monogram Straw Topper DIY

All Photos by Ardor for Studio DIY

Thanks so much Kersey!! How awesome would these be for summer parties!? You’ll never lose your drink again! Be sure to check out all of Kersey’s craftiness over on Ardor!

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