Free Printable Pin the Tail on the Piñata Party Game
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Pin the Tail on the Piñata (Free Printable!)


We’re taking you back to the classic birthday parties of your childhood today, folks. Anyone remember Pin the Tail on the Donkey!? It was definitely a party staple, but I thought it could use a little updating… Studio DIY style. In comes Ms. Kate of Striped Cat Studio who got her piñata painting on for… wait for it… Pin the Tail on the Piñata! How fun is that!? A colorful little printable and some fancy tassel tails. I think we may have a new summer party staple on our hands!

Pin the Tail on the Piñata (Free Printable!)

You better bet adults can play this game, too! If, ya know, you consider me an adult.. considering I wore a giant crown the other day…


Pin the Tail on the Pinata Game

Pin the Tail on the Donkey Free Printable

Pin the Tail on the Piñata Free Printable (Printed on 11×17″ card stock and cut to size!)
Crepe Paper or Tissue Paper
Scissors or Rotary Cutter
Glue Dots
Masking Tape
Blindfold (For playing the game, not for crafting. Ha!)

To make the tassel tails, cut strips of crepe paper or tissue paper to 4″x8″ each. Along one of the long sides, cut fringe, leaving about 1″ unfringed at the top. Roll up the fringed strip and secure the end with a glue dot.

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Voila! Tails!

Pin the Tail on the Pinata - Tassel Tails

To play the game: use your masking tape to tape the Piñata game to a wall or fence. Blindfold the birthday kiddos and give them a tassel tail and see how close they can get to just where it’s supposed to be on that Piñata dude!

Pin the Tail on the Piñata (Free Printable!)

Printable Designed by Striped Cat Studio, All Photos by Studio DIY

Don’t forget, you can download the printable game right here!

It’s all about birthdays this week, but if that isn’t enough… here’s some more party hats, piñatas and birthday surprises for you. And for more DIYs all around, head right on over here!

Be sure to check out all of Kate’s awesome work right here at Striped Cat Studio! (She has a pretty cute piñata card in her shop, too!)


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