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DIY Piñata Boxes


Sometimes (Ok, most of the time) when I make a piñata, I just fall too in love with it to smash it! I know that is the point of piñata but often I just get attached and it sits in my living room for months (like the giant gold heart, for instance). Luckily, I found a way to remedy this! Meet the Piñata Box. It’s a gift box, but it’s also a piñata. Oh yes, this two-faced DIY is as fringey and fun as a piñata without having to get blown to smithereens to get the prize inside! So now, I should expect to receive all my birthday gifts in one of these, yes friends and family reading?? Ok, glad we’ve got that settled.

DIY Piñata Boxes

I had a business meeting when I was in NYC last month and I brought one of these for each attendee, stuffed with my business card and a whole lot of confetti. What? You don’t bring piñata boxes to business meetings!? You will now.

DIY Pinata Box Supplies

White Square Gift Boxes (Ideally they should be matte, not glossy.)
Crepe Paper and/or Gold Mylar (Cut into 1.5″ wide strips and fringed with scissors. See how to do this here.)
White Craft Glue
Clear Tape

Starting with the sides of your box (at the bottom of the sides), run a line of glue (one side at a time) and adhere your fringe. Go around all four sides and trim the excess off, if you’re adding any mylar. To add the strips of mylar, start about 1/2″ above the previous row and adhere your mylar in the same manor but with tape instead of glue (glue does not adhere to mylar permanently.) If you aren’t adhering mylar, you can continue wrapping the crepe paper around and around.

DIY Pinata Box How To DIY Pinata Boxes How To

Alternate the process with crepe and mylar until all four sides are covered. Let this dry and then start on the bottom. Cover the entire bottom by gluing on strips of fringed crepe, starting at the bottom and working your way up. Press firmly but carefully so you don’t collapse the box. Let dry.

Pinata Box DIY Pinata Gift Box DIY

Repeat this with the top of the box. Start on the end where the box opens and end where it connects to the sides. Let dry. Open your box and tape a loop of twine in the back left or right corner (for hanging, after it’s opened!).

DIY Pinata Gift Box DIY Pinata Box Tutorial

Fill up your boxes with a gift, confetti or whatever you choose and enjoy all the benefits of a piñata without the destruction!

Piñata Boxes DIY

How To Make a Piñata Box

All Photos by Studio DIY

It’s all about birthdays this week, but if that isn’t enough… here’s some more party hats, piñatas and birthday surprises for you. And for more DIYs all around, head right on over here!


  • Brittni

    Love everything about this Kel…need to go make some asap. And I will make a note that all presents (for you at least) will need to be packaged this way from now on. Hehe. That lost shot is perfection.

  • Joy | Frock Files

    If I ever put all that love into a piñata, I think I’d have a hard time smashing it too! I love these little boxes — they’re so festive that I’d break them out for every holiday! Ooh, themed piñata boxes. I can see it now.

  • Kathleen

    I love these, so fun! I’d love to make some ahead of time and have them ready for wrapping last minute gifts.

  • Lauren

    These are so cute! I appreciate the difficulty of smashing up something I’ve put so much effort into, and absolutely love the idea of making them as party (or business) favors!

  • Terrie

    Wow, I love this! So fun and such a great idea for gift giving.

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