DIY Back to School Stand for Kids + Parties
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DIY Back to School Stand


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It’s time for part two of this super fun collaboration with Scotch Color & Pattern Duct Tape to get kids thinking creatively, and like an entrepreneur! (Did you see the balloon stand yesterday!?) Since Quinn will be headed back to school in a few weeks, school supplies were on the brain. Sure, you can get all sorts of fancy supplies nowadays, but why not buy the simple ones and jazz them up yourself!? That’s just what we did, and then we set them up in our same stand to sell to other kiddos in the neighborhood! We kept everything super simple, the kids could spend just a few hours getting these all ready, and then the next day selling their creations! Whether it’s on the sidewalk, or set up at a school event and trading supplies, the kiddos are going to love filling up their backpack with these, and have a blast selling some, lemonade stand style, too!

DIY Back to School Stand

DIY Duct Tape Nerd Glasses

Duct Tape Marble Notebook DIY

I’ll be teaching you how to make all the school supplies, plus the decor and how we put together the stand! Starting now!


How To Make Duct Tape School Supplies

Scotch Color & Pattern Duct Tape (We used Sunshine Yellow, Pearl White, Sea Blue and Prep Chevron!)
Notebooks, Pencils, Erasers, Glasses and Other School Supplies

To jazz up marble notebooks, cut a length of tape the same length as the notebook and wrap it around the spine. It fits almost exactly, width-wise!

Duct Tape Notebook DIY DIY Duct Tape Notebook

To make the bow pencils, use yesterday’s bow tutorial and then use an additional piece of tape to attach it to the pencil.

Duct Tape Bow Pencils Duct Tape Bow Pencil DIY

DIY Duct Tape Bow Pencils

To make the fringe pencils, cut two three inch strips of tape. Adhere one to the other, leaving about a 1/4″ of exposed adhesive at the top and bottom. Fold under one exposed side and leave the other exposed. Fringe the strip (leaving the overhang of tape intact) and use that exposed tape to wrap it around the pencil and adhere.

Fringe Pencil Toppers DIY Fringe Pencils


Scotch Color & Pattern Duct Tape
Cardstock Cut into Letter or Number Shapes (Optional)
Rotary Cutter + X-Acto Knife
Cutting Board

If you’re making a letter or number tassel garland like I did, cover your letter in strips of tape. You can do this on one or both sides, depending on how it will be displayed. You’ll be able to see the outline of the shape through the tape. Use your rotary cutter or X-Acto to cut out the letter shape from the tape.

Duct Tape Letters DIY DIY Duct Tape Letters

Make your tassels according to yesterday’s tutorial. Attach the tassels to twine by wrapping a piece of tape around the tassel and twine together (for vertical garlands, pictured here). For a traditional tassel garland, wrap a piece of tape over top of the tassel, sandwiching the twine in between. Tape letters on as desired (if desired!).

Duct Tape Tassel Garland DIY ABC Garland


Cardboard Stand
Scotch Color & Pattern Duct Tape (We used Sunshine Yellow for the stand!)
Decorated School Supplies
School Supplies Faux Chalkboard Sign (Black Poster Board + Chalk)
Display Items + Accessories

School Supplies with Scotch Duct Tape

We used the same stand from the balloon stand. This time we hung our ABC garland on one side, and tied a 123 garland to a giant balloon, weighted by rolls of tape. We used a pouf to display accessories, and trays and office items to display our school supplies. To complete the stand, we made a faux chalkboard sign by writing with chalk on black poster board.

DIY Back to School Stand

DIY Duct Tape School Supplies DIY Duct Tape Notebooks

DIY Duct Tape Mini Notebooks

For the glasses, I picked up some pairs in the Target Dollar Spot and we simply wrapped tape as desired around them. Quinn loved cutting out those itty bitty triangles to add the the front, and to jazz up one of the sides!

DIY Duct Tape Glasses

DIY Duct Tape Pencils

DIY Duct Tape Tassels

DIY Back to School ABC Garland

Wouldn’t it be so fun to get a bunch of kids together to craft some school supplies and exchange them with each other, too? Or to let each kid set up their own mini stand at a back to school extravaganza!? Quinn set up the stand for a third time to sell her products at their recent garage sale. It was a hit!

DIY Back to School Balloon

Back to School Stand DIY

All Photos by Studio DIY

And that’s a wrap! I gotta tell you, Quinn and I had so many more ideas for what to do with this stand. You may just see it popping up here again in the future! Show it to your kiddos and see what ideas it sparks in them! I’d love to hear.

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