DIY Gumball Drink Stirrers
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DIY Gumball Drink Stirrers


I have a prop closet and a prop bin just chock full of stuff, and when I was going through it one day, I found a whole bunch of gumballs hiding out in there. And, since apparently I’m on a drink stirrer kick lately, I thought “Holy moly, modern drink stirrers!” Within an hour I had popped them onto some skewers and crafted up a modern little cocktail fiesta. Aren’t they fun!? I actually love how those colors pop with black and white stripes. Thinking this may need to be a major part of my Christmas theme this year, what do you think? In the meantime, let’s jazz up some drinks.

DIY Gumball Drink Stirrers

Gumball DIY

Awl (A large needle would probably work as well!)

This is the easiest DIY ever. Are you ready? Use your (clean) awl to poke a hole through one side of the gumball. Pop it on a skewer. DONE!

DIY Gumball Drink Stirrer Gumball Drink Stirrer Tutorial

To add two gumballs to a skewer, poke a hole all the way through the gumball (it may be easiest to poke a hole on each side, meeting in the middle, for this), slide it on the skewer and then add another one on top. The only thing you need to remember is don’t make the holes to large! The skewers should fit inside snugly.

Gumball Drink Stirrers How To

Can you believe that’s it? I know, me neither.

DIY Gumball Drink Stirrers

I just want to have me a totally modern party now! Or maybe just a candy themed party, because candy is awesome.

DIY Gumball Drink Stirrers

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Now we’ll just have to wait and see what I pull out of my prop closet next.

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