DIY Graduation Superlative Balloons
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DIY Graduation Balloon Superlatives


DIY Graduation Balloon Superlatives

How is it graduation season already!? When Balloon Time asked me to come up with a fun graduation DIY using balloons, my first thought was yearbook superlatives. Remember those!? I’ve mentioned it before here, but Jeff and I were voted best dressed… and that’s where it all began! So I thought, how fun would it be to take superlatives to balloons, cutting out pictures of your friends and giving them all a special (or ridiculous) recognition. Who’s most likely to be president? Who has the best hair? They make the perfect decor and entertainment piece for any graduation party! You can find the full tutorial for how to make these balloon superlatives right here.

DIY Graduation Balloon Superlatives
DIY Graduation Balloon Superlatives
DIY Graduation Balloon Superlatives

All Photos by Mary Costa Photography, DIY Projects and Styling by Studio DIY for Balloon Time

So now the real question is.. were any of you winners of any hilarious superlatives in high school or college!? I want to hear ’em! (Speaking of, these balloons could even be funny to re-live those yearbook moments at a reunion, too!)


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