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DIY Temporary Colombré Hair


DIY Temporary Colombré Hair

I. Am. Obsessed. Rainbow hair!!!!!! We’ve all seen the colored hair trend, the ombré hair trend and more recently the SAND ART (!) hair trend (I’ve got some sand art projects up my sleeve, by the way!) and now we have… the “Colombré Hair” trend!! BA-BAM!

Basically, you take the ombre style and rainbow-tize it, with your natural color at the roots and all sorts of good hues fading down from the mid-section of your hair to the ends. I HAD to give it a try but wasn’t too keen on going the more permanent root so I brought in Stefanie of PAGE Beauty to help show us a temporary colombré technique… with hair chalk!!! It turned out WAY more amazing than I ever imagined and you just HAVE to try it. No excuses since there’s no dye or bleach involved! HOO-RAY! Ready?

DIY Temporary Colombré Hair
DIY Temporary Colombré Hair

Hair Chalk*

*We went all out and used a BUNCH of colors, a combination of Kevin Murphy Color Bugs, more pricey but great colors, and Splat Hair Chalk, more affordable option! Depending on hair length, color and desired color intensity, each chalk should last for 2 or more rounds of colombré, so you could buy a set with a friend and both use it! PAR-TAY! Here are the colors we used: Kevin Murphy – Purple, Neon Orange, Pink, Neon Green and Splat – Silver Moon, Mint Candy, Midnight Blue

DIY Temporary Colombré Hair DIY Temporary Colombré Hair
DIY Temporary Colombré Hair DIY Temporary Colombré Hair

1. Stefanie started by curling my hair, to better show off the layers of color when done. Be sure to cover your clothes with an old towel, and either cover your floors or apply the color over an easily-cleanable floor/counter/sink.
2. Separate your hair into several layers/sections, and clip all the sections up except for the bottom one. Separate out a small section of hair and run the hair chalk over the section, starting at about the mid-section and going to the ends, going back over it multiple times for more intense color. Continue to do this, varying up the colors as you work your way around your head. Set each section with hair spray to seal in the color.
3. After the bottom layer of hair is done, let down the next layer and continue chalking. Once you get to the top layer, begin adding multiple colors to the small sections of hair to get the “ombré” look. To do this, rub one color chalk on part of the section, then another below it. Use your fingers (or the sponge that comes with the Splat chalk) to “blend” the colors in the middle. Set each section with hair spray to seal in the color.
4. Set your hair with hair spray and there it is! It’s super important to set it WELL with hairspray because, yes, this is chalk and the color can transfer to clothes or skin. If you are super concerned about the transfer possibility, you can wear your hair up instead. I put mine in a ponytail and top knot after our shoot and it looked awesome! The color will come out after one wash.

DIY Temporary Colombré Hair
DIY Temporary Colombré Hair
DIY Temporary Colombré Hair

DIY Temporary Colombré Hair

Photos by Jeff Mindell | Hair by Stefanie Cuesta for PAGE Beauty | Makeup by Tanya Burres for PAGE Beauty

I gotta say, doing this little temporary trial run has REALLY got me wanting some more permanent color in my hair. OH BOY! We’ve created a monster. Would you ever dare to try colombré or sand art hair? I SURE HOPE SO!

p.s. My overalls are from here!

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  • Erin Maree

    I have a friend who just does the ends of her hair in purple, pink and blue and it looks really awesome. She actually only wears those colours as well so she always looks really put together. She works with kids (teachers aide at a 3 year old kindy) so at the beginning of the school year she warns the parents that she likes to colour her hair for fun and to be warned if all of a sudden their kids come home asking for coloured hair.
    It lasts for a long time (I think she does it once every 6 months?) but she goes for the bright colours.
    Another friend of mine does manic panic dye on her ends which lasts for a few washes and you can get it in a variety of colours, if you wanted something semi permanent 🙂

    • Kelly

      I love that she does that! I’m sure the kids go CRAZY for it!! I’m seriously contemplating some semi-permanent options next, I’m kind of hooked!

  • brittni

    This looks amazing!

  • Ani

    Yay, this looks pretty crazy 🙂
    Perfect for summer 🙂

    ani from ani-hearts

  • gina

    Damn girl! You look awesome with rainbow hair!

  • Kristina B

    I just got an ombre with pink at the ends and the pink completely fell OUT. I went back and they did it again….fell out again. Apparently my curls make color not stick which makes me so sad. I loved the pink for the 5 seconds it was in there…

  • Life is Rosier

    This is seriously so fun! Does it last long? Also, I’m curious if it rubs off through out the day? I’m imagining you wouldn’t want to sleep with it in… but such pretty colors! ♡

    • Kelly

      It definitely faded throughout the day and I washed it out before bed because I didn’t want any color to transfer to our white sheets! This look isn’t definitely best for a fun day/night out or an event!!

      • Life is Rosier

        It’s so pretty, and perfect for me who is too chicken to do anything permanent! I once made the mistake of sleeping with spray in hair stuff from a Wilma Flinstone Halloween costume, and I definitely ruined my pillowcase. But I bet this colombre hair would have made a really pretty pillowcase!

  • Lila&Sirena

    I looooove this beautiful trend so much!! Have to try this ASAP!
    I once tried Lòreal Hairchalk in Sweet Sixteen Pink and really like the product and the hot pink result!
    If you like, you can check out my look here:

    Greetings from Mexico.

  • Rachel | The Crafted Life

    Holy cute! Love, love, love this!

  • Christine

    I am SO in love with this look! So fun!

  • Monique | WritingMonique

    Oh Gosh Kelly! This looks absolutely gorgeous! I am so in love with this!

  • Bird

    My daughter would love this!! She’s really into pink hair…so transition into rainbow would be so effortless 😉

  • Georgia @ Silver Spiral Studio

    This is so fun!! And great tutorial 🙂

  • Lulu

    Wow wish I could do funky colors permanently. Not permitted at work, though. 🙁

  • Cade

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  • Ellis

    WOW!!! This is great!! I was looking to dye my hair over the summer — does this come out with water??!!!

  • Mary Kay

    I wanted to do pink hair so badly that I finally gave in and did the Colorista semi- perm dye. Since I am a double processed bleach blonde, the dye wanted to hold on forever… 40+ washes ( in 1 week) when the box said it would last 4-5 was no bueno. Kinda wished I had done this hair chalk method. If you do plan on going more permanent, let the professionals do it! Those store bought brands are scary. Lol. Update: Back to my blonde after a color correction. Haha

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