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DIY Cereal Bowl Costume


DIY Cereal Bowl Costume |

So MAYBE mom didn’t let you eat sugary cereal as a kid. Well now is the time to rebel everyone. Because if you can’t eat your Froot Loops, you can at least wear them instead. Today we’ve created a giant cereal bowl costume, with pool noodles for Froot Loops and a giant spoon to boot. I just laugh when I look at this costume, so if that’s what you’re going for (And, really, I highly encourage that.) this is the costume for you!

DIY Cereal Bowl Costume |
DIY Cereal Bowl Costume |

36″ Balloon
Newspaper (lots of newspaper!)
Flour and Water (To make paper mache paste)
Pool Noodles in Desired Colors (We used this set (can also buy it here!) + purchased a yellow one separately)
Cardboard (We used a large 40×60″ sheet from the art store)
High Gloss White Spray Paint (I didn’t use high gloss, but wish I did!)
Thick White Ribbon
Box Cutter
Hot Glue Gun
Stapler and/or Duct Tape

DIY Cereal Bowl Costume | DIY Cereal Bowl Costume |
DIY Cereal Bowl Costume | DIY Cereal Bowl Costume | 
DIY Cereal Bowl Costume | DIY Cereal Bowl Costume |
DIY Cereal Bowl Costume | DIY Cereal Bowl Costume |

1. Make your paper mache paste, using a one to one ratio of water and flour. The paste should be a thick glue like texture. If it’s too thick, add a bit more water. Tear the newspaper into long thin strips. Fully inflate a 36″ balloon with air and set it on something like a box to keep it from rolling around. Begin your first layer of paper mache. Dip each strip of newspaper into the paper mache and squeeze off the excess with your fingers, then place on the balloon. Cover about half of the balloon in one layer and let dry completely.
2. Repeat three more times so you have four layers total. This is really important so the bowl is nice and sturdy for the costume. Once the fourth layer is completely dry, deflate the balloon and you’ll be left with the base of your cereal bowl! You’ll need to trim the top of your bowl to make it even and then cut a hole in the bottom that is big enough for you to fit through and move your legs in (so you can walk). Then, flip your bowl over on top of the large piece of cardboard and trace the perimeter, then cut out the circle you traced. Then, cut a hole in that circle that you can fit through (this will be the top of the bowl that you’ll build your cereal on top of.
3. Spray paint both the outside of the bowl and one side of the cardboard circle white. Let dry according to the instructions on the can.
4. Using hot glue and an extra set of  hands to hold it in place, hot glue the cardboard inside your bowl, about an inch or two from the top. I recommend gluing from both sides (top and bottom) to make sure it’s extra secure.
5. Step into the bowl and with the help of someone else, measure and cut two pieces of ribbon for straps. Then staple them with several staples to the inside of the hole on the cardboard. Secure with extra duct tape if desired.
6. Slice the pool noodles into one inch wide rings using your box cutter.
7. Hot glue a single layer of noodles to the cardboard, then continue adding noodles on top until they can be seen over the top of the bowl, like a big bowl of froot loops! I wore mine with jean shorts and a tank top underneath.
8. To make the spoon, cut just the shape of the handle of a spoon out of cardboard. Tear off a long piece of foil (as long as the handle) and wrap the cardbaord in it. Hot glue to the back, inside of your bowl.

DIY Cereal Bowl Costume | 
DIY Cereal Bowl Costume |

Photos by Jeff Mindell

If you want to go all out, go as a breakfast group (breakfast club!?) with a donut, a strawberry and a fried egg too! WA-BAM!

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