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Wink Wink! | 6 Ways to Send a #WinkandaNod To Your Besties!


Wink Wink!

Remember when you used to take those personality quizzes in middle school to see whether you were “The Flirt” or “The Fashionista”? It’s ok to admit that you took ALL OF THEM, you know back when you read magazines like J14 and Teen Beat. We all did.

My point? Well, Clinique recently launched a new online destination called The Wink where they’re showcasing awesome people, places, ideas, tips, interviews and more. They asked me to come up with a few “winks and nods” that reminded me of certain people or personalities and ALL I could think of were those personality quizzes, so we decided to illustrate our very own version! We designed six fun Winks for their new site and I just BET one of them reminds you of one of your besties. I even dedicated one to one of my best pals, Ashley of Sugar & Cloth. Bet you can’t guess which one! *Wink wink*

Party Animal! (Wink wink!)
The Party Animal

Beach Babe (Wink wink!)The Beach Babe

Click through to see the rest!

Sweet Tooth (Wink wink!)
The Sweet Tooth

Dancing Queen (Wink wink!)The Dancing Queen

Flirt (Wink wink!)The Flirt

Fries Before Guys (Wink wink!)The Foodie

Photos by Jeff Mindell

OK OK, it was the Sweet Tooth that reminded me of Ashley! Hmmm… I wonder why!? Which one would you be!? I think I’m a nice mix of Sweet Tooth, Party Animal and Dancing Queen. WOOT WOOT!

If you want to see more, head over to The Wink where you can share them with your friends and also read some great interviews with some of my fave peeps! I especially love this interview with Gray Malin and this feature on my girl Cloe of Bon Puf!!!

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