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DIY Hairspray Piñata


DIY Hairspray Piñata |

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day (EHM! Galentine’s Day) without a piñata here in Studio DIY land! (See our past ones here and here.) And this year… a giant hairspray piñata!!!!! Whether it’s a Galentine’s bash or a bachelorette, I think you’re gonna be needing one. And I’m here to make that possible.

AND! I’ve got a partner in giant-hair-product crime… my pal Brittany of The House That Lars Built made a whole ARMY of hair product piñatas and we teamed up to share ’em today so you could have a piñata for every gal pal, should you be feeling extra ambitious. (But seriously, click through to check hers out too!)

DIY Hairspray Piñata |

Two 48×60″ Sheets of Cardboard
Masking Tape
Scotch Tape
Pink Mylar Streamers or Sheets of Mylar (Buy these at a party store, or I found some online here!)
Silver Mylar Streamers or Bird Tape
Party Horn or Paper Maché Cone
Cotton Poly Stuffing
Pink Spray Paint
Hot Glue Gun
Duct Tape
Scissors (We also used fringe scissors this time!)

DIY Hairspray Piñata | DIY Hairspray Piñata |
DIY Hairspray Piñata | DIY Hairspray Piñata |
DIY Hairspray Piñata | DIY Hairspray Piñata |
DIY Hairspray Piñata | DIY Hairspray Piñata |

1. Bend/crease one full sheet of cardboard all along it’s length so that it begins to curve. Form the cardboard into a cylinder and use masking tape to secure the edges together.
2. Cut two circles from your other sheet of cardboard, one the same diameter as the cylinder you just created and the second about two inches wider. Cut a slit through one side of the larger circle and cut a six inch circle in the center of the larger circle.
3. Overlap the ends of the circle where you cut the slit so it forms a slight cone shape. Tape the ends to secure. Then, place it on top of the cylinder and trim any excess cardboard that hangs over the edge. Tape in place. Tape the other circle to the bottom of the piñata.
4. Cut a smaller rectangle, big enough to wrap around the six inch hole you cut in the top of the cone. Bend the rectangle so it curves and tape it in place on top of the cone. This will be the “nozzle” of the hairspray. Now is a great time to fill your piñata. Poke a hole through each side of the nozzle and string fishing line through it, tying a knot in the two ends to create a loop. Cut a six inch circle and tape it on top of the nozzle. (If you didn’t want to fill your piñata in the last step, leave an opening here.)
5. If you want your “poof” of spray to be pink like ours was, you’ll need to spray paint the cotton and let it dry overnight. Once it’s ready, wrap a piece of duct tape around where the plastic and cardboard parts of the party horn to make it stable. Use hot glue to attach the cotton to the party horn.
6. Continue wrapping the cotton around, gluing it onto itself, until the cardboard part of the horn is completely covered.
7. Cut long strips of the mylar streamers and fringe them using regular or fringe scissors. We used about a roll and a half of the pink, and only a couple yards of the silver. Start at the bottom of the piñata and wrap pink fringe around, taping it with regular scotch tape (this holds the mylar best) every several inches as you go. Work your way up the cylinder, spacing each row about 1/2 inch apart. Cover the bottom of the piñata with strips of pink fringe. Then, tape vertical strips of silver fringe along the cone until it’s completely covered.
8. Before fringing the nozzle, poke a hole in the side of it using your scissors. The hole should be wide enough for the plastic part of your party horn to fit in. Put the party horn into the hole and secure with several layers of duct tape.
9. Cover the nozzle in fringe, using the same method as you used for the bottle itself. Done!

DIY Hairspray Piñata |
DIY Hairspray Piñata |
DIY Hairspray Piñata |
DIY Hairspray Piñata |

And now… check out Brittany’s!!! Can you even HANDLE it!? The brush!!! Head over to her post to get the tutorials for the rest of the hair piñata crew!

Hair Piñatas by The House That Lars Built!

Pink Wall + Step Photos by Jeff Mindell | Additional Hair Piñatas Photo by The House That Lars Built
Hair by Stefanie Cuesta of PAGE Beauty

Had so much fun teaming up with Brittany for this!! And I know this hairspray is super gigantic, but you could TOTALLY make a mini version of it, or any of these! They’d be a really fun Galentine’s Day craft, or even a V-day surprise for some of your besties!

p.s. Donut kiss and tell.


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