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DIY Fried Egg Emoji Balloons


DIY Fried Egg Emoji Balloons |

I posted this recent project we made on Instagram and I lot of you mentioned how you thought they looked like eggs! Ha, they’re daisies… but little did you know, I was already one step ahead of you! I’ve been scheming these fried egg emoji (one of my FAVE emojis, by the way) balloons for awhile and finally… here they are!!! I think they’d be so fun for a birthday, brunch, shower… anything really. Because… breakfast.

DIY Fried Egg Emoji Balloons |
DIY Fried Egg Emoji Balloons |

DIY Fried Egg Emoji Balloons

Total Time: 30 Minutes


Black Mylar Balloons
Black, White and Yellow Paper or Construction Paper
Glue Dots and/or Tape


1. Cut a handle shape out of black paper, an egg shape out of white paper, and a circle out of yellow paper.
2. Inflate the black balloons.
3. Tape the handle to the bottom of the balloon, just a few inches up from the tail of the balloon.
4. Use tape or a glue dot to adhere the yellow circle to the white shape and then the white shape to the balloon.

*It's important to use regular paper or construction paper (NOT card stock) as card stock will be too heavy and will weigh the balloon down. If the regular paper is still too heavy for your balloon, you'll need to cut your shapes smaller or trim some length off of the handle shape.

DIY Fried Egg Emoji Balloons |
DIY Fried Egg Emoji Balloons | studiodiy.comDIY Fried Egg Emoji Balloons |

Photos by Jeff Mindell | Craft Production by Annie Steward | Creative Direction by Kelly Mindell

Now we just need a waffle balloon…. hmmmmmmm! (We’ve already got fruit and donut balloons, ya know!)

p.s. Emoji heart balloons!


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