DIY Donut Balloons
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DIY Donut Balloons


After I made the donut piñata, I decided I should probably just start making donut everything. Are you guys on board with this? One of my first ideas, not surprisingly, was donut balloons. And lo and behold, they already make donut balloons. Except “donut balloons” are really just plain donut shaped balloons, and well, what’s a donut without it’s glaze (and sprinkles)? Nothing. So, I made some fancy, colorful, sprinkle-adorned donut balloons for you all. And oh do I love them so! Hope you do too.

DIY Donut Balloons

Almost good enough to eat! Though please don’t eat them.

Donut Balloons DIY

Donut Balloon Supplies

Donut Balloons Filled with Helium (I found mine at my local party store, but you can buy them online here.)
Acrylic Craft Paint
Foam Brush
Crepe Paper (Cut into small rectangles)
Double-stick Tape

To create your “frosting”, paint a rough circle of paint on one side of the donut balloon. Let dry and then paint a second, thin coat for better coverage. Let dry completely (the paint dries pretty fast on these balloons!).

Donut Balloons How To How To Make Donut Balloons

Add your sprinkles by adhering a piece of double stick tape to the back of each crepe paper “sprinkle” and adhering to the balloon.

How To Make a Donut Balloon

The end! Try your hardest to keep your guests from now trying to eat the balloons by providing the real thing to go along with it.

DIY Donut Balloons

DIY Donut Balloons

All Photos by Studio DIY

This probably won’t be the last donut project you’ll see on this here blog. Consider yourself warned! Now go eat some donuts, or just make some balloons. Or, more preferably, just do both.

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