Get PUMPED: Our Favorite Workout Playlist


Our Favorite Workout Playlist

Graphics by Katy Jones

I can’t believe we’ve been doing playlists for so long and never did a work out one!!!! Well, I guess I can believe it, since I’m not the best worker-outer. Ha! But if there’s anything that’s gonna make me get to the gym, it’s a good playlist. If you need some motivation now that we’re past the whole “New Year, New Me!” phase and more into the “That was fun, but my couch is soooooooo much better” phase, check out our fave jams to get you PUMPED below!

Click here to listen to our workout playlist!


  • Janel

    HELOOOO you forgot one!! Kayne’s Work Out Plan – KANYEEEEE

  • Hannah

    Wish you included music that was more for teenagers like myself as well, but I guess there’s the decade gap that plays into this 😉 like more musicians that we haven’t heard of as much like indie artists who are still somewhat known and popular just not MAINSTREAM popular, like mindy gledhill or coin or even cage th elephant or songs that aren’t as basic or overplayed to death on the radio already like roar. Even the wedding playlist I was like wow, all those songs are kind of basic and totally not dance worthy if you really want to party, but that might be because I like rap and dubstep and electric dance music that’ll get you hyped or really make for a night out sort of thing for that sort of event but that doesn’t seem to be your thing. But I’m not sure what the target audience for your blog is – probably more moms or twentysomething’s than teens so don’t take this too harshly bc I think I might be the odd one out in feeling this way!!! I totally understand a difference in music, haha. Your graphics are really great and I love your ideas. Just in case you were wondering how an 18 year old would feel, cuz I know you’re not that much older but sometimes with the music it really feels that way 😉 I’m sorry if this gives you anxiety or ruins your day in anyway because I’d hate to be that mean online person!!! I promise you I don’t sit around complaining or bashing you cuz I love all your posts except maybe just wish the playlists were more unique, though if your taste is just that I totally get it and understand you aren’t doing this to please everyone! (: I’m not saying you’re old either – at least I hope I don’t sound like I am – because I know 26 isn’t old, haha. Maybe it’s because everyone in my life is more into partying and party music rather than the kind of music that I feel like you can only listen to or don’t even like to begin with, like basic, annoying pop songs. Okay, I’m pretty sure this is super mean sounding over the internet and you probably hate me, but I hope it gave you some perspective (:

    • Kelly

      Hi Hannah! I LOVE the feedback, thank you! And thank you for being very kind about it!

      You’re right though, I don’t really have a good perspective on what teenagers are listening to these days. With our playlists, I go off of what I like and what my team likes, and we happen to love super pop-y and throwback music like what we listened to when WE were teens! Everyone’s music taste is sooooo different so we just stick to what we know and love for these! I’ll be the first to admit I don’t have very good or adventurous taste in music, I’m all about the basic, over-played stuff, so you definitely hit the nail on the head. Ha! 😉

  • Debbie

    Hahaha I just listened to one, two, step while rollerblading and fell. The song came on and I had to dance to it…….bad mistake. Baby scratches though.

    Wanna make a badass playlist for marathon training? =P

    • Kelly

      I haven’t been rollerblading in so long! Now I want to go!

  • Kat

    Definitely need some Lady Gaga! Telephone, Poker Face, Bad Romance.

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