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The Mindwelling: Our Dining Room Inspiration


The Mindwelling: Before Photos

Thought it was high time to share a little dining room inspo with you guys!! There’s the “before” up there, for reference. You may have already seen some major peeks at our dining room progress over on Instagram, but I wanted to give you the full scoop on the pieces we’re eyeing and the problems we’re trying to figure out before we finish the whole room! This room is pretty teeny but I’m really loving how it’s coming together.

First, here’s a little inspo for it…

Dining Room Inspo
Dining Room InspoDining Room Inspo

Yes, yes, pink! I know! It just so happens that the first three rooms we’re working on are heavily pink. Haha! We’re incorporating some mint and teal shades too and a good amount of neutrals and gold as well. The room is an almost perfect square so a round table felt like the best option. We don’t have room for much more furniture in there but here’s what we’re thinking so far…
Dining Room Inspo

I’m in loooooove like SO in looooove with that chandelier. GAH!!! And the rug. Oh boy the rug. I bough tit on an Instagram sale so impulsively. I gave Jeff about 30 seconds to tell me if he wanted it (he said he didn’t) and then I bought it anyway. Hahaha! Once it arrived, he instantly procrlaimed it his favorite house purchase thus far which proves my point that sometimes you just gotta go for it and not listen to your husband initially!! 😉

The biggest issue we’re trying to solve now is what to put on this wall. It will be behind the dining table but due to how small the room is, we can’t have anything much wider than one foot wide. So we’re toying with some sort of narrow banquet or bar cart. What do you guys think!? The art will ideally hang over it, though we won’t finalize the art officially until we have the piece in!

Dining Room Before

Also gotta find some pretty handles for those built in cabinets! They’re all painted white now and I looooove having this extra storage. Been eyeing some of the ones at Anthropologie lately but still haven’t made a decision!!

Dining Room Before

So that’s what’s happening, folks!!! Can’t wait to figure out that wall and get this thing finished!! We’re so close!!!

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Dining ChairsDining Table

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