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You guys! Our second room reveal, finally! We’re cookin’ with gas over here!! 😉 So so SO excited to share our finished master closet makeover with you all today!!!!! This ended up being a bit more of an undertaking than expected, as our first actual renovation project, and I learned a LOT but it was worth the wait. We are SO so happy with how it turned out!

For those of you who are new (Hi!!), we turned a strange outdoor kitchenette (our master bedroom was previously used as a rental space) into our master closet and laundry room. That involved insulating the room, removing all sorts of things, relocating the washer/dryer inside and then teaming up with some awesome people to deck the space OUT! Ready to see it!?

Colorful Master Closet Reveal

I put a couple of the before photos in here for you guys! Isn’t the difference CRAZY!?!?

Master Closet Before

If you remember our partnership with Chevy, they helped us truck around LA to pick up some of the decor items, but they also brought in a professional organizer, Beth of Bneato Bar, to help us really make this space functional and organized! Not gonna lie, bringing an organizer into our house was TERRIFYING (haha!) since I’m so so disorganized but Beth was amazing and so understanding! Also, fun fact: her daughter was born the same exact day as Arlo! Isn’t that crazy!? It was fun to chat about the two of them while we dug ourselves out of Jeff’s collection of 478 sweaters. 😉

We actually have a whole other post coming about some of the tips she shared to help keep our closet organized long after her first run at it!

Colorful Master Closet RevealColorful Master Closet Reveal

The entire closet is designed using the Elfa system from The Container Store! We were super excited to work with them and love that with the Elfa system, everything could be customized to our space and even moved, changed and swapped out super easily should we need to in the future. Beth custom designed the space with one of their experts and they helped us fill in all the weird little nooks and quirks so we could maximize what we had to work with. The Container Store offers professional installation and free design services  so it makes it really easy to get the custom space you want! If you’re thinking about re-doing a closet, Elfa is also on sale (30% off!!) right now through February 28th so it’s a great time to do so!! We had such a great experience. Now, I’ll walk you through each area.

First, we have the hanging space! We each have a section of short hanging space and then I have a section of long hanging space for my pants, dresses and coats. Above that, I keep all my pants, sweaters and clutches!! I used these file dividers for them and they’re PERFECT!! Got SO many questions about that when I sneak peeked it on Instagram!

Colorful Master Closet RevealMaster Closet BeforeColorful Master Closet Reveal

Next up, the dresser! THIS is the best. The lower, larger, drawers hold all of our underwear, t-shirts, PJs, etc. But the top drawers!!! Beth used the Elfa jewelry system for these and MAN! I’ve never had real jewelry storage before, what a difference!

Colorful Master Closet RevealColorful Master Closet Reveal

And now… the shoe nook!!! I knew that little corner would be the PERFECT spot for shoe shelves!! We crammed in as many as possible and… can you even!? So exciting to have upgraded from our “piles of shoes everywhere” situation. Haha!!

Colorful Master Closet RevealColorful Master Closet Reveal

Next to the shoes we have a giant floor length mirror from West Elm which is exciting because I can actually see my whole outfit in a mirror! UPGRADE! I know I’ve already been sharing some OOTD photos in front of this one (in which you probably noticed the 45 different rug options I tried out, haha!). I also just love how much it opens up the space!

Ok, gonna take a quick aside and take you UP to the chandelier!! I MADE IT YOU GUYS! I DID IT!!! What a (Instagram stories) journey this was, but I’m so happy with how it turned out! Tutorial coming soon!!

Colorful Master Closet Reveal

And moving from the ceiling to the floor… let’s talk about this tile. This was the first real “permanent” decision I made for our house and I gotta say, it was a GOOD ONE! We worked with Fireclay Tile and used their Ogee Drop tile in Calcite and I honestly still get wowed by it every time I walk into the closet. It makes SUCH an impact and GAH! It’s so darn pretty.

Colorful Master Closet RevealMaster Closet BeforeColorful Master Closet Reveal

Andddd onto our laundry corner! Having laundry in our closet is SO convenient. Smartest decision ever!! Beth utilized the Elfa hamper system for right next to the machine, as well as a small hanging bar to hang anything that needs to air dry. The rest of that wall is closet spill-over, namely Jeff’s ever-growing collection of sweaters and jeans.

Colorful Master Closet RevealColorful Master Closet RevealColorful Master Closet RevealColorful Master Closet Reveal

Photos by Jeff Mindell | Professional Organization by Beth Penn of Bneato Bar

That’s Beth and I up there! First and foremost, I have to give a huge THANK YOU to her for making this dream closet happen! It’s a super weird space and she really made it all fit together perfectly for us. I can’t wait to share more of her tips in a follow up post!! Next, I have to thank all the partners we worked with on this space. Couldn’t have done it without any of them and this closet is really a dream come true!!!

psst.. If you’re wondering about those CRAZY INSANE doors that opened the post, they’re getting their own full post so stay tuned for that reveal! 😉

And that. Is. That. What do you think!?!? Don’t worry, I’ve got a full source list below for ya!

Closet Build-Out Sources
Organizational System (Shelving, Dresser, Hanging Space): Elfa by The Container Store*
A few specific Elfa parts used that we’ve gotten Qs about:
Drawers (mesh drawers with white decor drawer fronts) | Shelves
Jewelry Storage |
Laundry Hamper

Tile: Ogee Drop in Calcite from Fireclay Tile*
Chandelier: DIY (Tutorial coming soon!)
Doors: DIY (Tutorial coming soon!)
Door Handles: Custom by Frank Allart
Paint: “White” by Dunn Edwards*

Storage Pieces
Hangers | Hanger Clips | Shelf Dividers
Clutch Dividers | Sunglass Drawers
Large Pink Basket | Small Woven Baskset | Large Woven Basket
Watch Rolls | Watch Box

Decor Items
Mirror* | Wall Hooks | Drawer PullsRug
Large Pink Vase | Small Pink Vase | Small Pink Vase/Basket

*Indicates a product we received in exchange for coverage in this post. All opinions are my own.


  • Michelle

    This is so cool, I am so jealous! I just love the contrast between the white shelves and the colourful clothes!

  • Rebecca

    I love the whole room! I’m having difficulty finding the dresser, is there anyway you could link to it?


  • Eleanor

    Yay this is so beautiful it’s basically Arlo’s nursery all over again. I have a question– we know this isn’t all your clothes (I’m just thinking of what we know of Jeff’s shoe collection). When you’re not shooting the closet to make it look 100% perf (which it does!!!), do all your real clothes really fit in it?

    • Kelly

      Haha! It really does fit just about everything! I actually have extra hanging space left right now which is a new thing in my life. LOL We can actually fit more pairs of shoes per shelf so mine condense a bit and Jeff takes up the bottom few. The only thing we have in a separate closet are a few of his leftover shoes and our heavy coats!

  • Mia

    I love it! So fun! I like that you used white and clear for all of the base layers of things so that way y’all’s really colorful clothes popped! AND THAT RUG. I thought you had something else? Anyway, it looks fluffy and soft and wonderful!

    • Kelly

      So confession: I bought 12 rugs before deciding on this one! Hahaha! I first tried to use a few busier Moroccan rugs but it was too much with the floors and all our clothes. Then I went neutral but… it was TOO neutral so finally on the day of the shoot I found this one and it was perfect! It is SO SOFT which couldn’t be more fitting for a closet!!

  • Gabrielle

    I am so obsessed with this closet! Love seeing your journey decorating your house

  • alexandra

    This is a dream space! I’ve never seen anything like that scalloped tile, but now I want it everywhere!

    • Kelly

      Thank you!!!! I honestly feel the same way about the tile. I was like… so do we rip out all our hardwood and do this tile!? Haha kidding! Sort of!

  • Jenny

    This is my dream closet. Total perfection. Love that the washer and dryer are IN the closet.

  • Kristina B

    OMG Kelly it’s G-L-O-R-I-O-U-S!!!! i am in love with your shoe collection and totally jealous of your huge mirror. A mirror like that is on my list next time we move.
    The file organizer is also genius for the clutches. I’m doin’ it!

  • Allie

    This is amazing!! I love seeing your reno/decorating posts. They are a huge inspiration! Now I think I need that tile everywhere and a closet as perfect as yours! Can’t wait to see more!

  • Jen Kessler

    The flooring is incredible! I love that it has a really fun design but it’s a great white so it doesn’t take away from all the colorful clothes and shoes!

  • Amber M.

    Okay, I kept hearing about your upcoming closet reveal and wondered what the big deal was. It’s a closet, guys! But: OH. MY. It is NOT “just” a closet!!! It is so pretty and organized and colorful. And did I mention PRETTY? I LOVE it. Way to go, guys!!

  • Erica D.

    Oh GEEZ, I just died and went to closet heaven!!! I literally gasped when I saw your closet reveal. It’s so dreamy, bright and colorful! If I’d win the lottery this would be MY first makeover at my house, no doubt 😌.

  • les

    im clearly still asleep because instead of insulating the room i read insulting the room and i was like OMG! that poor room! its not its fault. LOL!!!

    but i LOVE the space!
    i love that you left it white so that all your colors speak for the room itself!

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

    i think the only thing i maybe would have added would have been a wall between the washer dryer and where you hang your air dry stuff. just up until it covered them, that way you could have had extra wall space to maybe hang longer necklaces or anything else? or maybe a little gallery wall with like your fave outfits or family pics. or jeff’s art!
    but overall, I LOVE THIS SPACE! i wish mine could look like that..but all my clothing is basically black ._. ….and my space is not that huge.

    can’t wait to see all other updates!

    im loving how youre giving everything new life!

  • Tracy Klemens

    I LOVE it! I am wondering where you got the drawers and what their width is? We are looking to redo our storage for our art studio and this would be to die for and so much prettier than plastic totes!

  • O.

    Here’s a cute step stool I found that might work in your closet. Link above so it wouldn’t think its spam.

  • Andrea

    Loving all of your home reveals so far…and can’t wait to see the new front door! Question about the big mirror. I looked it up online and it says it only leans against the wall and doesn’t mount in any way. Do you just lean yours? How does that work with Arlo? I have two small kids and I can’t imagine a leaning mirror will suffice with them but I love it so much, I want it to work somehow.

    • Kelly

      There are hooks on the back of the mirror! So Jeff then put hooks in the wall and zip tied the two together so it can’t move!

  • jaya

    thats so cool
    i think i want try this for my wife some times ^^

    poker online

  • The Vanilla Plum

    Obsessed with the closet! Gonna get myself one too.

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