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My Favorite Affordable Art (Under $100!)


Art art art! I spent a good couple weeks doing a deep dive into affordable art (under $100!) while looking for pieces for our bedroom gallery wall. Good news is… I found WAYYYY too many to ever fit in my tiny house so now I’m sharing them with you! I picked out my fave piece from each artist, but highly encourage you to click through each and check out all the pieces they offer. Then (obviously) tell me your fave below!!

1. Textured Print by inaluxe | 2. Banana Skirt by Black Lamp Shop
3. Women by Laura Berger | 4. Flamingo by Arielle Vey
5. Heart by Banquet Workshop | 6. Layered Shapes by inaluxe
7. Cacti by Team Woodnote | 8. Face by Justina Blakeney | 9. Plants by Amber’s Textiles
10. Floating Shapes by Almost Makes Perfect | 11. Green & Pink by Studio Hurley
12. Blue Paint by Ashley Mary Art | 13. Mexico by Jeff Mindell
14. Rose Glasses by Jasmine Dowling | 15. Black Rainbows by Ampersand Design Studio
16. Tan & White by Bare Print Studio | 17. Pink Door by Jeff Mindell
18. Floral Headpiece by Victoria Bradley| 19. Women & Fruit by LEOVY
20. Pool by Isabel Feliu | 21. Things Will Work Out by People I’ve Loved
22. Pink Cabin by Team Woodnote | 23. Pink & Coral Paintstrokes by ffforn Studio
24. Modern Shapes by mpgmb | 25. Pastel Arches by Studio Hurley
26. Big Glasses by Bouffants & Broken Hearts | 27. Coral Stairs  by Clare Nicolson
28. Colorful Layers by Angie Stalker | 29. Pink & Olive by Dan Hobday Art
30. Retro Rainbows by Seventy Eight



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