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DIY Flamingo Piñata


Happy Monday guys! I’m coming at you from DC today, I’m just all over the place! Last week I left you in Florida and now I’ve begun to work my way up the East Coast. We were in Florida because Jeff’s sister Jen was graduating from the University of Miami. We had such a fun weekend and, of course, I couldn’t go without a little bit of celebratory crafting. As a fun way to present her real graduation gift, I decided to make her a piñata and hide the gift inside. Somehow, a flamingo seemed like the perfect fit! This tutorial isn’t complete or detailed, since I made it on the go, but my past piñata tutorials can help ya out there. Isn’t he just SO fun!?!?

DIY Flamingo Piñata  How To Make a Flamingo Pinata

Cardboard (I used a tri-fold display board)
Pink, white and black crepe paper (I actually used black tissue because I couldn’t find black crepe in FL!)
Strong Tape
Craft Glue

Start by cutting out your cardboard shapes. You’ll need two flamingo shapes (I just freehanded them while looking at a flamingo pic online!), a few long pieces of 3″ wide cardboard (for the sides) and two skinny pieces for the legs. Then cut a bunch of strips of 1″ wide fringe.

Flamingo Pinata DIY

Tape together your piñata. Start by taping the sides (bending the cardboard as you go) to one of your flamingo shapes, then repeat with the other side. I left a flap in the back for adding in the gift and then just tucked it under to close!

DIY Flamingo Pinata Tutorial

Once you have his body completed, cover the whole thing in fringe. Start with the front and back, and start at the bottom working your way up. When you get to the beak, add a few layers of white fringe and then a few layers of black to finish it off. Then repeat this with the sides. Finally, wrap the skinny cardboard legs in fringe and glue them to the bottom of the body. Add an eyeball (his is black tissue paper!) and poke a hole in the top to add a string for hanging.

DIY Flamingo Piñata

All Photos by Studio DIY

This piñata was made just like the giant heart piñata, except I used tape instead of hot glue for putting it together. For more detailed instructions, head there.

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