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DIY Giant Balloon Heart


So the other day, I impulsively bought a bag of hot pink balloons at the 99 Cent Store. Because why not!? Of course, since I have the patience of a two year old, I needed to use them ASAP. Thus, the giant balloon heart was born. I mean, not to toot my own horn, but is this not the most fun thing ever!? Balloons just rock my world, and the fact that they just made themselves into this super ginormous heart? Oh, I am in love. Sorry, Jeff, you’ve got big competition right here. I have big plans for using this concept in other forms, too. Just you wait! But for now, we craft for Valentine’s Day.

DIY Giant Balloon Heart

Even the unfilled balloons make me giddy!

Hot Pink Balloons

19 Latex Balloons (I used 9″ balloons. You can buy them already filled with helium* or fill them yourself.)
Fishing Line or Thin/Clear String
Clear Scotch Tape

*A note about helium: You may not know but there is actually a helium shortage in the world right now. It sounds like a joke, but it’s not! If you aren’t filling your own balloons, you may find many stores do not have helium or will not fill balloons. I recommend checking smaller stores and even dollar stores, where not everyone thinks to go for balloons or heading straight to the party store (Call first). They generally are more likely to have a supply!

If your balloons aren’t already filled with helium, go ahead and fill them up! You can buy a helium tank like the one below at Target or the party store. This one cost $22 and fills 30(ish) 11″ balloons. Tie each balloon with your fishing line or string.

How To Fill Balloons with Helium DIY Pink Balloon Heart

You are going to form your heart by taping each balloon to the floor with clear tape at different heights and positions. (Like my scratched up floors!? Life of a crafter, I tell ya!)

DIY Balloon Heart

Following the pattern below, tape each balloon to the floor. You will start with the bottom point which should be placed the lowest and also the furthest forward. Each balloon you place after it will be placed slightly behind the last. Make sure you leave enough room away from the wall to accommodate this! By placing them all slightly behind each other you all them to overlap more easily, forming a heart!

DIY Giant Heart Balloon

Step back away from the heart and take a look. Trim any excess strings and reposition any balloons as necessary.

Giant Balloon Heart DIY

BAM! Giant hearts rule! Seriously, this looks way more intimidating then it is. You just need to pick up some balloons and tape them to the floor. Really! Your kids will go NUTS if they wake up to this on Heart Day morning! And your family members who think they’re still kids will go nuts too.

DIY Giant Balloon Heart

All Photos by Studio DIY

psst… Here’s another way to use balloons for Valentine’s Day! I also made a giant heart piñata. Decisions, decisions!

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