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DIY Hanging Spider Balloons


If I were ever to throw a haunted house (and I won’t), this is probably about as scary as it would get. Glittered spiders, hanging from balloons on the ceiling! (I’ve told you before, I don’t like scary Halloween. Exhibit A.) These guys are the perfect touch of spook for a Halloween party, if you ask me, and would make an awesome addition to the entrance, or as a “chandelier” over a dessert table. The glitter is optional, but encouraged. Because really the only way spiders are acceptable is when they’re glittered, and hanging from balloons. Yes? Yes.

DIY Hanging Spider Balloons

Hanging Spider Ballloons DIY Supplies

Balloons (Filled with Helium)
Martha Stewart Crafts Spiders
Glitter (Optional, of course! I used this gold leaf glitter!)
Decoupage Glue
Paint Brush

If you choose to glitter your spiders, brush decoupage glue on the part of the spider you want glittered. Then cover with your glitter and let dry. Cover again with a layer of glue to seal the glitter on there. (And let dry again!)

Spider Balloons DIY DIY Giant Glittered Spiders

Poke a hole towards the back of the spider (if you want them to hang down like mine) using your awl. Slip the twine or string of your balloon through the hole and tie a knot.

Hanging Spider Balloons DIY How To Glitter Spider Balloons

Let the balloons drift up to the ceiling and prepare to freak people out!

DIY Hanging Spider Balloons2

DIY Hanging Spider Balloons4

All Photos by Studio DIY

It was pretty funny (read: terrifying) when these guys began to fall from the ceiling hours later, like real spiders dropping down! Jeff and I both may have screamed. And Bella may have barked. Jeff will deny this. Regardless, I really want to to spider-balloon-bomb some place. How cool would that be!?

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