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DIY Paper Bow Party Hats


The day has come! Remember last week when I told you I was participating in an awesome crafty challenge called Trade & Made!? Well we all got our craft on with the supplies in our boxes and today’s the day we get to share! When I saw a cone in the box it was pretty much a done deal that I was making a party hat. Duh. And since I’m known for my small (read: huge!) obsession with bows… why not combine the two into one glorious paper bow party hat!? In my most favorite color yellow, too. Of course. My niece Quinn was over helping plan for an exciting project were working on together next month and, well, the hat just looked so darn cute on her that I had to let her borrow it! And those fancy sunglasses too.

DIY Paper Bow Party Hats

What a star! Now, let’s make this thing!

Bow Party Hat DIY

Paper Mache Cone
Craft Paint
Wooden Bead
Cardstock (I used the Clear & Simple Tags in our box!)
String (I pulled the drawstrings out of For the Maker’s muslin bags!)
Hot Glue
Painter’s Tape

First paint your cone your color of choice. I painted two coats of white on mine. While that’s drying, if you want to make your own striped cardstock, you’ll need to tape off stripes on a small square of cardstock with painter’s tape. Go ahead and paint your first color, then let that dry.

How To Make a Party Hat How To Paint Stripes on Paper

Carefully remove your painter’s tape and place it on top of the stripes you already painted. Now paint your second color. You’ll also need to paint a piece of paper for the center of the bow (I made mine a solid color.) and the wooden bead for the top of the hat.

How To Make a Paper Bow Party Hat Paper Bows DIY

Once everything is dry, cut out a two half-bow shapes from your painted card stock as well as a rounded-edge square for the center. Tape or glue your bow pieces together and then hot glue it to your hat.

DIY Striped Paper Bow DIY Paper Bow Party Hat

Place a dot of hot glue on the tip of your cone and slip the wood bead overtop, holding until it’s set. Finally, add string or ribbon to each side by taping it inside of the hat or poking two holes through the cone and knotting the string in place.

DIY Party Hats DIY Striped Bow Party Hats

Don your party hat and boogie down! Doesn’t this hat look almost cartoon-y? Like it’s animated or something!? I love how the painted paper bow turned out, it was a fun challenge figuring out how to adapt the paper I was given into exactly what I needed!

Paper Bow Party Hat DIY

Now it’s time for me to steal that party hat (and those glasses of mine!) back…

Paper Bow DIY Party Hats

All Photos by Studio DIY

A very special thank you to all of the sponsors who made Trade & Made possible: Michaels, Specialty Bottle, For the Makers, Clear & Simple Stamps and DecoArt for helping us get creative. And a huge shout out and thank you to Erin and Laura for organizing the challenge and to Gloria of Little White Whale Studio for putting together the schnazy website. Head on over there to check out everyone else’s fun projects with our mystery supplies!

For more DIY party hats head here, and for more DIYs all around, head on over here!


  • Laura Parke

    When I first saw the paper mache cone we received in the boxes I immediately thought you’d use it to make one or your incredible party hats and this one does not disappoint. It’s so adorable! Thanks for participating in the challenge, kelly!

    • Kelly

      Haha, you can always count on me to bring the party hats! 😉 Thanks so much for organizing this, Laura!

  • Audrey - This Little Street

    Of course, another amazing DIY 🙂 Loved what you did with the cone! xx

  • Brittni

    When I saw the box of supplies, I knew you would use that cone. I was like, “This has Kelly written all over it”. Love how the party hat turned out. And those heart sunglasses!

  • Amber Kemp-Gerstel

    How cute and oh so crafty! I love how to used the supplies to create that bow!

  • Mandy Pellegrin // Fabric Paper Glue

    Gosh, Kelly, you just rock a party hat DIY like no other. For a split second I considered it and realized how out of character that would be for me and wondered what amazing spin you might take on it. You didn’t disappoint!

    • Kelly

      Ha, thanks Mandy!! I think everyone that got the box told me that the cone had my name written all over it. I love me a party hat, but I REALLY loved the wall vase you made. AMAZING!

  • Lexy | The Proper Pinwheel

    Kel, I love this. It’s so true to you and so beautifully shot! And I love yellow too. That’s why we’re friends!!!

  • Rachel | 52 Weeks Project

    This is great Kelly! I love that when I browse craftgawker or pinterest I can instantly tell what DIYs are yours. You always do such great work!

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