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DIY Sprinkle Pill Paperweight


DIY Sprinkle Paperweight

Hey guys! Hannah from Homemade Banana here again and this time I’ve got a lil’ something to brighten up your desk! Whenever I’m out vintage shopping, I’m always on the hunt for playful, unexpected objects to add to my shelves or my coffee table. I have a Dalmatian sculpture, a tiny gold telephone and a bright turquoise urn I’ve since planted with succulents, just to name a few of my treasures. But something seemed like it was missing and I wasn’t quite sure what it was until a couple of weeks ago. It was late and I was lying in bed when the idea struck me like a delicious thunderbolt—my desk needed a dose of fun in the form of a sprinkle pill paperweight filled with colorful gumballs!

Mary Poppins says that a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, and I say that a pill full of gumball sprinkles has a similarly delightful effect on one’s home decor. It has the benefit of looking good, sparking conversation and (when times get desperate and hanger looms large) a source of sugar-filled snacks. Really, what’s not to love?

DIY Sprinkle Paperweight

DIY Sprinkle Paperweight

DIY Sprinkle Paperweight

DIY Sprinkle PaperweightDIY Sprinkle PaperweightDIY Sprinkle PaperweightDIY Sprinkle Paperweight

DIY Sprinkle Paperweight

Total Time: 30 Minutes (+ 30 Minutes Dry Time)


2 Plastic Cloches (I used both the small and medium sizes of these)
Spray Paint
E6000 Glue
Gold Washi Tape


1. Spray paint one plastic cloche with the bright color of your choosing. Apply several thin coats of paint until the plastic is completely covered and opaque. Let dry.
2. Fill the other cloche with gumballs, then close with the lid.
3. Cap the spray-painted side once it’s completely dry, then apply a bit of E6000 to each lid and glue the two sides together. Let dry for about a half an hour.
4. Cover the seam with gold washi tape—just be careful where you place the tape the first time, because peeling it off to reposition could chip the spray paint.
5. Style atop your desk or coffee table for an instant dose of fun!

DIY Sprinkle Paperweight

DIY Sprinkle Paperweight

Photos by Hannah Cross

Alright, now you’ve got your prescription: one to two sprinkle pill paperweights, STAT! These small pieces of whimsy are guaranteed to cure design boredom in no time flat.


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  • janie

    While I love a lot of your DIYs I feel this one is a misstep. I’ve seen you done some other pill DIYs before but didn’t really think anything of it because I didn’t think it would become a reoccurring thing. Pills should not be glorified as accessories, especially when there is such an epidemic with addiction. Maybe I am being overly sensitive but look at the controversy surrounding Mochino’s Spring/Summer collection.

  • Kelly

    Hi Janie! I really appreciate your thoughts here and it is something we’ll consider in the future when planning DIYs!

  • Jess

    I feel that this diy is super weak. It looks nothing like a sprinkle pill, I’m not sure who would want a container of gumballs as decoration.

  • Chrissy

    All in lightness, people. A play on the “chill” pill. Or, it could be a vitamin pill.

  • Katye Mozo

    Hello, I am a a young adult living with a chronic illness since I was a teenager. Pills are something I have to take everyday to stay alive. Just like me there is a whole community of #spoonies who desperately need some cheering up. What better then turn something we dread, like taking pills EVERYDAY, and turn it into something cheerful . We identify with things like pills, not because we are drug addicts but because we need them to survive. I personally love this DIY! I know something like this would brighten up a chronically ill persons Day.

    • Kelly

      I love hearing your perspective on this, Katye! And I’m so glad you love the DIY!!

  • Kristina B

    I think this is awesome! I wish they made containers that screwed together so you could easily pop it open and eat what’s inside. I’m always just thinking about food 😆

  • Isabelle

    It is so cute! Love it! I will make one to give to my aunt! She is always looking for her pills!

  • metal beads

    It looks so beautiful, loved it, so cute also.

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