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DIY Taco Letter Holder


DIY Taco Letter Holder

When we were playing around with materials for our Anthropologie event, Samantha (Our operations manager!), folded one of the trinket dish samples into a taco shape and was all “We should make something with this.” And I was all.. “We need to make a taco letter holder.” And here we are today, with the best letter holder that ever graced any desk. Ever. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll treat your desk to one too.

DIY Taco Letter Holder
DIY Taco Letter Holder

Air Dry Clay
Rolling Pin
Bowl or Cookie Cutter (The size you want your taco to be!)
Freezer Paper or Wax Paper
Plastic Knife
Craft Paint in Yellow, Red and Green

DIY Taco Letter Holder DIY Taco Letter Holder
DIY Taco Letter Holder DIY Taco Letter Holder

1. Roll out your clay on freezer/wax paper until it’s about 1/4″ thick. Place your bowl over the clay and cut out a circle with a knife around the bowl. We also made an indent about 1/2″ inside the edge of the circle to use as a guideline for placing the toppings.
2. Roll out a strip of clay and cut two strips about 3/4″ thick and long enough to fit around the edge of half the taco. This will be the lettuce!
3. Prop up half the circle shape on something sturdy (We just used the freezer paper box) and adhere the lettuce around the perimeter using your guideline. Ruffle the clay as you go along to give it the lettuce texture. Repeat with the other half of the taco. If desired, cut a few small half circles and adhere them on top of the lettuce as tomatoes. We added texture to our tomatoes with the other end of a paint brush.
4. Place the taco between two sturdy objects, about 1″ apart to form your taco shape. Place something in the middle to insure it holds the shape and let dry completely, usually 24-72 hours.

DIY Taco Letter Holder
DIY Taco Letter Holder

Photos by Jeff Mindell
Hangry Card by Design & Happiness, Paper Clips are Vintage!

You guys asked for more practical DIYs, but I couldn’t do it without a Studio DIY twist! Now what other foods can we add to our desks!? (Pretty sure this would also make a bangin’ napkin holder. It’s a multitasking taco, folks!)

If you’re feeling fancy, don’t forget to make a taco piñata, too!


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