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My Colorful Office Makeover

Hellooooo… I work here! Revealing my office today and couldn’t be more thrilled with how it turned out!!!! This room has no windows and a whole bunch of slanted walls which made it a bit of a challenge, but I think we conquered it! We partnered with Intel on this makeover because one of my biggest priorities for my office was to have it double as a conference room. Intel introduced us to the Intel® NUC, a powerful mini PC which has since become our team’s central hub for storing information that we need to go over and share in our meetings. I’ll talk more about HOW that works below, but first, a little more eye candy because… that rug! That perfect shade of pink! Our wall hanging!!!!! We teamed up with our favorite gal Cyn again to help us bring this space together and she nailed it.

My Colorful Office Makeover

You may remember our inspo post, where I said we were going to do a stripe mural. But once we painted the room pink, we ended up liking the color so much that we didn’t want to detract from it! So instead, we made an impactful wall hanging that still hinted at the colorful stripe look we liked, but in a much more contained and complimentary way (and yes, I’ll be sharing a tutorial soon)!

I’m also THRILLED with how our custom shelving unit turned out! You may remember our custom closet doors built by our pal Wes…well, he’s DONE IT AGAIN! He gave an amazing makeover to these basic cabinets we bought at a big box store.

My Colorful Office Makeover

Before this makeover, we were getting really tired of constantly turning/passing around our laptops during meetings so everyone could give their opinions on new decor inspo, product lines, etc…so I made it a requirement to have a large TV screen in my office that we could use as a monitor for everyone to see easily.

Here’s how it works: We have the Intel NUC stationed in my office and hooked up to the TV. Everyone loads their presentations, photos, or whatever else needs to be reviewed onto the mini PC ahead of our meeting and then we’re able to pull up the content for review quickly and easily during our meeting. I love that the NUC is super compact (it’s only about 4″x4″!) so it doesn’t take up a ton of space and blends easily into our decor…but still holds everything we need and is as powerful as any regular computer. It’s been a game changer for our workflow!

My Colorful Office MakeoverMy Colorful Office Makeover

I ended up going with a dining table for my desk because we need a lot of depth to review in-person samples for our products. It’s been great! And the globe light officially won the polling battle we had on the inspo post! I loved the pendant, but it felt too heavy in the space. This one is perfect and doesn’t detract from all the other pops of color we have going in the room.

My Colorful Office MakeoverMy Colorful Office MakeoverMy Colorful Office MakeoverMy Colorful Office Makeover

Photos by Jeff Mindell | Styling by Cyn Moreno

There it is!!! Feels good to have the first working space in the office finished and (more importantly!) more functional thanks to Intel’s help. Any fave parts?! Mine is (obviously) the rug and the wall hanging! Would love to hear yours below!


Furniture Sources

Quartz Dining Table |Flamingo Rattan Chair |Teal Glam Chairs |Modern Console Table | Plant Stand – vintage, but we found another amazing wicker one here!

Art Sources

We Are All Magical by Alja Horvat

 Rose Coloured Glasses by Jasmine Dowling

Double Rainbow by Ampersand Design Studio

Banana Lipstick by Yellow Owl Workshop

Rainbow by Idlewild Co.

Decor Sources

Moroccan Rug  |Globe Chandelier | Pink Lidded Basket | Balloon Dog | Stoneware Vases  | Disco Balls from Moskatels | Faceted Pink VaseIris Apfel Vase | Retro Green Glass VaseMoroccan Lidded Basket | Bright Bazaar Brushstroke Vase | Francoise Vase | Pronged Bowl

This post was created in partnership with Intel. All content and opinions are that of my own! Thank you for supporting the sponsors that keep the Studio DIY party going! Read more about my editorial policies here.


  • Heather O

    Oh my goodness, your office looks SO GOOD! I love it! And I love the set up for meetings with the large monitor!

  • Holly

    I love this! The soft pink and bright pops of color everywhere is so perfect!

  • Joy B

    Looks great! I’d love to know the paint color. I’ve been looking for the perfect shade of pink that isn’t too overwhelming for my bedroom walls.

  • Michelle

    Your office looks amazing, I love the pale shade of pink on your walls, and that rug is a real eye-catcher! And I love love love those chairs!

  • Kristina B

    I’m just in love in general and it really doesn’t even look like there’s no windows! It’s so bright and fun! I think the custom cabinets are my fave. But that monitor really kicks ass. Could you give a screensaver that LOOKS like a window?? Or an aquarium? haha!

  • Brittni

    It looks amazing Kel! I love all of the artwork and how the shelves are styled…and the rug…and everything!

  • Lyndsi

    Gorgeous!! Makes me want to redo my office and gives me major inspo vibes! I love how uncluttered it looks for an office… great job!

  • Meghan

    😍 love it all! Especially the hardware for the cabinets – can I ask where those are from??

  • Alexa Nadeau

    My favorite is the Poppin stapler + tape dispenser. I’m a little bias because that’s my company :). JK it’s all my favorite but I love the lipstick and banana print. I’m totally in love.

  • Mia S

    I was scrolling down to click through and read more and I was like “this is cute! love it! OH MY GOD THAT RUG.” So, you totally killed this! I love it soooooo much! Can I work in your office? THANKS

  • Felicia

    Did you really find a pink TV monitor?! Or how did you do that? Love how it blends in and doesn’t stick out like a soar thumb like most TV screens do in a room…. and of course I absolutely love the wall hanging!! And can’t wait for your tutorial on that!! 🙂

  • Jalee

    Mega office envy!!! Every detail is so perfect, what a happy space to work in!

  • Chelsea

    You rocked this!! We are planning the decor for our new office so this gives so much inspo! Love the frame tv so much! Can I ask, do you mainly just use it for meetings or does it work fine for emails/admin tasks too?

  • Mia

    I love this so much! Everything is so perfect but it’s no surprise coming from you!! Did someone draw that Studio DIY stripe poster/paper for you??😂

  • Mandy

    Awesome!! I would love more details/DIY on the cabinets/shelves! It looks like something you could possibly do with the ikea Ivar cabinets!

  • vex 3

    The style is beautiful and very luxurious I really want to own it

  • Brittany

    I also use a dining table for my home office! I am honestly not sure how people work on such tiny surfaces. Perhaps it is because I am in academic and always seems to have a million books and notebooks out. 🙂

  • Tanna

    What is the paint color? I’ve been looking for a good peachy pink for our kitchen and this is a strong contender.

  • taylor lee

    What paint did you use? I have been looking for that exact color!! Love this space. Every detail is spot on!!

  • Snan dew

    Nice post on decorating office but you missed bean bags
    what is your opinion about bean bag chairs? I wrote a complete guide here.

  • Ginger

    Hello Kelly, I absolutely love everything about your office. That room could put a smile on any face! Could you please, I beg, share the brand/color of the pink walls? My contractor is crunching me for my livingroom color, and this is the perfect shade. TIA

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