DIY Mini Maypole Bundt Cakes for May Day
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DIY Mini Maypole Cakes


You may not see maypoles popping up everywhere nowadays, but May Day is just a few days away nonetheless! And if there’s a holiday to celebrate, you better bet I’ll get in on that! I love the idea of a maypole, colorful, strung with ribbons and an accompanying dance and song in celebration. Since I don’t think my apartment building would be pleased if I erected one outside, I decided to make a mini version… for mini cakes! A stripey straw came to the rescue again, combined with a few pretty ribbons and a cute little bundt cake. Just something simple for anyone wanting to celebrate May Day this May 1st!



Supply List:

Stripe Paper Straw
Toothpick + pole topper (Optional, such as a jelly bean, marshmallow, bead, etc.)

To make:

Disclaimer: depending on the size of your cake or bundt cake, your measurements will vary. For the mini bundt cake I used, I wanted each finished ribbon to be 10″ long so it hung from the top of the pole, to the bottom of the cake plate. I cut three lengths of ribbon 20″ long. Then, decide how tall you want your pole to stand and cut the paper straw to size.

may-pole-cake-topper diy-bundt-cake-may-poles

Layer your ribbons on top of each other and fold in half, wrong side (if applicable) facing outward. Twist the ribbons together.

may-pole-bundt-cakes-diy diy-paper-straw-may-pole

Insert the twisted ends of your ribbon into the straw. If you aren’t adding a topper, you may want to add a little glue inside the straw, but the ribbons stay in pretty well on their own.

paper-straw-mini-may-pole mini-may-pole

For my topper, I cut a toothpick in half and inserted the end into a jelly bean. Then I pushed it into the straw on top of the ribbons.

may-day-crafts diy-mini-may-pole-cakes

Now it’s time to add it to the cake! If you’re using a bundt cake like me, you’ll want to add a little extra glaze or even a marshmallow to help steady the maypole in the center. If you’re using a regular cake, you know what to do!


And voila! I know you can’t dance around this maypole but you most certainly can eat around it!


diy-paper-straw-may-poles diy-mini-may-poles

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