DIY Tinsel Napkin Rings
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DIY Tinsel Napkin Rings


I really don’t even need to write a tutorial for this project. It’s the same technique I used to top the ornament piñatas and the honeycomb bulbs, but it’s just so darn versatile! If you want to add a little festive flair to your holiday table, tinsel napkin rings are clearly the way to go. Whip these up on the cheap and watch the sparkle fly!

DIY Tinsel Napkin Rings

Supply List:

Cardboard Tube
Tinsel Garland
Styrofoam Filler Balls (Optional)
Hot Glue Gun

To Make:

Cut a 1.5″ wide strip off of your cardboard tube (You can make this thinner if your tinsel isn’t as thick).

DIY Tinsel Napkin Rings DIY Tinsel Napkin Rings

Run a line of hot glue all the way around your tube and cover with tinsel. Add a styrofoam filler ball with another dot of hot glue.

DIY Tinsel Napkin Rings DIY Tinsel Napkin Rings

Done! If you prefer a more simplistic look, lose the gold ball. Either way they look pretty fantastic gracing that holiday table of yours!

DIY Tinsel Napkin Rings DIY Tinsel Napkin Rings

All Photos by Studio DIY

Hmm these look eerily similar to a little wearable DIY, don’t they!?

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