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DIY Honeycomb Easter Eggs


A new holiday calls for another easy peasy honeycomb DIY! I mean, it really doesn’t get easier than this one! Honeycomb Easter eggs! I just couldn’t stop making these, so I made some big ones for hanging and some little ones for cake-topping. You know what I kind of want to do? Hang a bunch from a tree during an egg hunt (a la the Egg Popper Tree!). Wouldn’t that make for the best Easter photos!? Snap a shot of all the kids and send them out to their families for a sweet little post-hunt momento! Goodness, I love Easter!

DIY Honeycomb Easter Eggs

Do you get pastel fever around this time like I do? I usually love brights, but pastels are great at stealing my heart come springtime!

DIY Easter Egg Honeycomb Cake Topper

How To Make Honeycomb Easter Eggs

Honeycomb Balls and/or Honeycomb Paper Pads
Paper (for making stencils)
Wooden Skewers and Tape (for cake toppers)

To make the small honeycomb eggs out of honeycomb paper pads, first create an egg shaped template out of paper. Fold in half and trace this onto your honeycomb pads, making sure the egg shape goes against the glue lines on the pad. Cut out.

Easter Egg Honeycomb Tutorial Egg Honeycomb DIY Tutorial

Depending on the size you make your mini honeycombs, you may need two to make the full egg sphere. If you need two, simply use double stick tape to adhere one side of one honeycomb cutout to one side of the other. To make a cake topper, tape a skewer to the inside, right along the straight edge of your egg. Open your honeycomb around the skewer and secure with paperclips (so you can re-use them next year!)!

How To Make Honeycomb Eggs

To make the large honeycombs with pre-made honeycomb balls, again make an egg shaped template with paper (or freezer paper, as you see here). Fold it in half and line up the folded edge with the straight edge of your honeycomb ball. Trace and cut out. Just like the mini ones, use paper clips to secure it open.

Honeycomb Easter Egg How To How To Honeycomb Easter Egg

Honeycomb Easter Eggs

To hang these honeycombs, I typically use thin jewelry thread or fishing wire. Tape it to the inside of the honeycomb, as close to the straight edge as you can get it, then hang!

DIY Honeycomb Egg Cake Toppers Honeycomb Eggs DIY

DIY Honeycomb Eggs for Easter

All Photos by Studio DIY

Aren’t honeycombs just the best!? They are so darn easy, versatile and festive! (See here, here and here for proof!)

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