DIY Easter Bunny Treat Pouches for The Sweetest Occasion


Happy Thursday everyone! In case you missed it earlier in the week, I’m back over on The Sweetest Occasion sharing a super cute Easter DIY, little bunny treat pouches! Seriously, these are made out of computer paper. WIN! Ch-check ’em out!

DIY Easter Bunny Treat Pouches

Look at those little cotton tails!? (It’s ok if you’re just staring at the Cadbury mini eggs. We’ve all been there. Just go buy a bag.)

DIY Easter Bunny Treat Pouches

All Photos by Studio DIY for The Sweetest Occasion

Be back in a bit with a few words of advice for the real Easter bunny!

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  • icing designs

    kelly, you are so creative! These are so cute. I have to admit I find myself checking your blog first thing in the morning because I can’t wait to see what you are going to post ♥! you always have such unique and exciting posts!!

    • Kelly

      This comment made my week!! So glad you love following along, the feeling is most definitely mutual!! =)


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