Favorite Halloween Costumes of 2013


I had a blast rounding up my favorite Halloween costumes last year, so I decided to do it again in 2013! But this time I also have something else fun to share… all the AMAZING Studio DIY inspired costumes you shared with me! I was FLOORED by how many of you created the costumes I posted this year, and was so happy each time I saw a new one tagged with #studiodiyincostume. So! Below I rounded up all the ones I had (up until the time I wrote this post) and it was probably the most fun thing EVER! You guys are so stinkin’ talented and I just love each and every one of these costumes below!!! So check ’em out, and then keep scrolling to check out my faves spotted around Instagram last week. There’s some AWESOME ones, folks!

Studio DIY In Costume 2013

Find the original tutorials here: DIY Birthday Cake Costume, DIY Donut Costume, DIY Pineapple Costume, DIY Costume Toppers Part 1 and Part 2, DIY Queen Bee Costume

A HUGE thank you to everyone who tagged their costume. If you want to check ’em out, click here to view them all on Instagram! Now, for my favorite costumes I spotted this year. I mean, REALLY, some of these I’m bookmarking for when I have kiddos some day. The flamingo! The pineapple! The piñata!

Flamingo Costume from elisejoy

DIY Flamingo Costume by elisejoy

DIY Pinata Costume from Snow and Graham

DIY Piñata Costume (It’s no-sew, guys!!!) by Ebony of Snow & Graham

Pineapple Costume from Max Wanger DIY Deer Costume from Jill Thomas

Pineapple Costume from Max Wanger + Deer Costume from Jill Thomas

French Toast Costume from Small Fry Blog

DIY French Toast Costume by Small Fry via Paint Me Plaid

DIY Gnome Costumes from Brooke White

DIY Gnome Costumes by Brooke White

Forrest Gump and Jenny Costume from Mary Costa Photography

Forrest Gump + Jenny Couples Costume from Mary Costa

Rifle Paper Co Costume

The Rifle-inspired costumes that the Rifle Paper Co. team does each year always FLOOR me. This is Anna as her Rosa Print. AMAZING!

‘Til next year! Now… on to Christmas!


  • Sarah

    Okay, seriously? Those kiddo costumes are LEGIT! So precious!!

    Looks like the cake was a hit – I know everyone raved about mine and it was a night before DIY (so easy!) Thanks for the inspiration!!

  • danielle @ this picture book life

    French Toast!! So cute and clever.

  • Heather - Chickabug

    Forrest Gump and Jenny!!! I love it. Great costumes! : )

  • LauraD

    Thanks for the feature! Looks like the pineapple was a popular choice this Halloween.

  • Jillian Rose

    Thanks SO much for the inspiration! My donut was a huge hit this Halloween. I love seeing everyone’s costumes.

  • Tiffanie

    How incredible is it that so many people made your creations? What flattery, and they all did a great job on them, too! Funny how many pineapples! So cute!

  • Mary @ Mary Costa Photography

    1) It’s AMAZING that so many people made your awesome creations!! 2) Thank you so much for featuring my costume! I’m legitimately honored!!

  • Katie McC

    The baby pineapple is so adorable! and that flamingo costume, look at those wings. I really like the Picasso one to. They are all so creative. It’s really hard to pick a favorite! I love seeing my Instagram picture up there(I’m the one getting my head pulled off!). Thanks for giving us such awesome DIY’s for Halloween costumers. I’m sure they will be used year round for all occasions.

  • Stacia

    This is the perfect way to wrap up the Halloween season. It’s fun to see other interpretations of your work. Thank you for all the ideas you shared this year!

  • em

    amazingly awesome!

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