DIY Honeycomb Christmas Tree
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DIY Honeycomb Christmas Tree


I hope all you US readers out there had a wonderful Thanksgiving! This was our first time not traveling, and while we missed our families, it was nice to not have to deal with the stress of the airport. We spent the day with friends and had a grand ol’ time! But now… on to Christmas! Since I had approximately 1 million honeycombs lying around after our Martha Stewart craft party, I knew I needed to break ’em out for some more holiday fun. And since we still haven’t decided if we can even fit a real tree in our tiny apartment, I decided to make a honeycomb tree instead! Isn’t it so fun and colorful!? Great for parties, for kiddos (this one is about 4 feet tall, though it could certainly be made bigger!), or for those of you suffering from small-apartment-no-room-for-a-tree-syndrome. Let’s do this!

DIY Honeycomb Christmas Tree

Honeycomb Christmas Tree How To

5″ Honeycombs (For this tree, about 4′ tall, I used 49 honeycombs. You could make yours larger or smaller, depending on your space!)
Painter’s Tape or Other Non-Permanent Adhesive

You’re going to want to work from the bottom up, starting with the tree’s trunk. If you’re using multiple colors like I did, before starting anything, I recommend laying out or sketching out what colors you want where so you aren’t repositioning everything. Place a loop of painter’s tape, or your other adhesive, on each side of each honeycomb. Start with 4 honeycombs for your trunk, placing them as desired in two rows/columns and pressing firmly (but carefully) to secure to the wall. Each honeycomb will only be opened half way, as it will be taped to the wall.

Honeycomb Christmas Tree Honeycomb Christmas Tree How To

Now you’ll start your tree! Start from the center of the trunk. Each honeycomb will be placed in between the two honeycombs below it. Work your way out on each side until you have the desired width of your tree. Then repeat and repeat until you’ve reached the top (one single honeycomb)!

DIY Honeycomb Christmas Tree DIY Honeycomb Christmas Tree

Add your presents and goodies underneath and wait for Santa to be pleasantly surprised by this one of a kind tree!

DIY Honeycomb Christmas Tree

If you have a space with high ceilings, I think it would be amazing to do a gigantic version of one of these, just lengthen the trunk and widen the tree. OR! Use larger honeycombs. FUN!

DIY Honeycomb Christmas Tree

DIY Honeycomb Christmas Tree

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Psst.. have you seen this other space saving tree that Brittni created last year? It’s still probably my all-time fave Christmas project. These two trees would make a smashing pair, no?

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