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DIY Shamrock Honeycombs


Honey, honey, honeycomb time! You ready? It’s time to turn those honeycomb balls into shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day! BAM! (We’ve already made Christmas bulbs and invitations, why stop there!?) Shaping honeycombs for different holidays is seriously the easiest DIY ever! You have no excuse not to do it. Party or no party, you best be hanging these around your house for a little fun. The plan, I’ve decided, is to continue making a little honeycomb collection (just like the piñatas) for every holiday so you swap them out throughout the year. Luckily these guys don’t get smashed. If you like this plan, grab them scissors!

DIY Shamrock Honeycombs

Shamrock Honeycomb DIY

Honeycomb Balls (I used 12″ ones for these, there’s a great selection here.)
Printable Shamrock Template

Print out your template and cut it out.

DIY Honeycomb Decor for St Patricks Day St Patricks Day Shamrock Honeycombs

Adjust your template, if necessary, to fit your honeycomb. I actually made mine slightly larger but since I couldn’t fit that on the printable page I adjusted. Either will work beautifully! Line up the straight side of your template with the straight side of your honeycomb and trace. Cut out, carefully, through all layers.

DIY St Patricks Day Shamrock Honeycomb Decor Shamrock Honeycomb DIY for St. Pattys

I happen to think the scraps this DIY makes make a kind of fun little garland (hence the prop-age in the photos!), what do you think!?

Honeycomb Shamrock DIY for St Patricks Day

Unfold your honeycomb and hold it together with paper clips.

DIY Honeycomb Shamrocks for St Patricks Day

For the mini-sized shamrocks, you can follow the same steps with a small honeycomb (like these five inch ones) or follow the technique in this DIY honeycomb invitations post, except with shamrock shapes, to cut your own out of honeycomb paper pads.

DIY Shamrock Honeycombs for St Patricks Day

To suspend mine I used clear thread and to make them hang at a slight angle I attached a second piece of thread to the back of them (where the opening comes together) and taped it to the wall at a slight angle.

DIY Honeycomb Shamrocks

All Photos by Studio DIY

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