That Pink Door
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That Pink Door


Pink Door

Today I am going to share the story of the greatest accomplishment of my life. Jeff and I just got back from an amazing weekend in the desert at The Saguaro hotel! We partnered with them for a fun anniversary getaway that included a scavenger hunt… all about color, of course! You can see peeks of our trip here and here, and we’ll be sharing all about it right here in the coming weeks! But first… one of the tasks on our list was to take advantage of the free bikes at the hotel and do some “dream house shopping” in the neighborhoods nearby. However, I had ulterior motives. Motives in the form of this pink door. THAT pink door.

Pink Door Palm Springs

If any of you have ever been on Pinterest, there’s a good chance you saw a picture of that pink door. It’s amazing. It’s glorious. It’s my dream door. I’ve searched the heck out of it and every time I’m in Palm Springs I’ve hoped we’d just happen upon it. No luck. But when the concierge told us that the neighborhood down the street was where Palm Springs began, where all the iconic houses lived… I could feel it in my BONES. We were finding that house. In fact, we weren’t leaving until we found it. So we biked and biked and we found every color of the rainbow (more on that soon!).. but no pink. Later in the day we went into town and decided to take another stab at it on our way home and I went into MAJOR sleuth mode. And finally… WE FREAKIN’ FOUND IT! Guys. I screamed. I screamed so loud, I scared the guy taking a nice evening jog alongside our car. We parked, I leaped out, we took the picture above, and then decided we needed to come back in the morning… when there was better light. Because we are crazy and insane and OH MY GOSH THE PINK DOOR IN REAL LIFE.

That Pink Door

So the next morning we came back (hence the outfit change), and we lived out our dream. Ok, it was my dream. But don’t let that photo of Jeff lookin’ all calm and collected below fool you. He was excited too. REAL excited. And the best best outcome out of all of this? I got Jeff to agree to a pink door on our future home. Proof. Right here in writing that he said, so you can all help me kindly remind him when that day comes.

Pink Door Palm Springs
Real Doors Wear Pink

All Photos by Studio DIY

A huge thank you to Moises Esquenazi for bringing to life the most beautiful door in the world. You can see before and afters of his renovation here. And more photos of the home here!


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