Sprinkle Party Printables
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Sprinkle Party Printables


Sprinkle Party Printables

I’m really stinkin’ stoked to announce a fun partnership I’m doing with HP today! On July 18th, HP is launching an exclusive model of the HP Pavilion 17″ on HSN’s Today’s Special segment and I’m headed to HSN’s HQ in Florida to join in on the fun! I’ll be covering the behind the scenes of the whole shebang (along with some other awesome ladies!) on my social channels but first, a sneak peek!!

In honor of the launch and of the “birthday” of Windows 10 the segment is gonna be birthday themed (BA-BAM!)! So today I’m giving you a little peek at what I’ll be contributing to the segment…. some sprinkle party printables inspired by the bold and sassy-pants colors of the exclusive HP model! If you say the word “birthday” you know I’m gonna be there with BELLS on. Or, well, sprinkles on? You’ll have to tune in to the segment to see the rest of the goodness planned, but for now… I can get you prepped with some sugar-y sweet party goodies!

Sprinkle Party Printables
DIY Sprinkle Party Blowers

For those of you, like me, who might not have it in the budget to just up and buy a new laptop, one of the best parts about buying this exclusive HP Pavilion 17″ model is HSN’s Flex Pay plan. Kinda like layaway… but you get the product right away. And it comes equipped with the schnazy new Windows 10. BOOM! I took photos of my fave sprinkle combos and used my new (Blue! Do you LOVE that color?) HP to help me edit the photos and turn them into three awesome printables for you folks! Party hats, ice cream wrappers and party blowers… gangs all here!

Sprinkle Party Printables

Click HERE to download the sprinkle party printables!

Printables (Download above!)
Computer Paper
Tape (Decorative for the party horns, double stick for the hats and wrappers)
Party Horns from the Dollar Store (For the party blowers)
Skinny Elastic (For the party hats)
Pom Pom Trim + Hot Glue Gun (Optional, for the party hats)

DIY Sprinkle Party Blowers DIY Sprinkle Party Blowers
DIY Sprinkle Party Blowers DIY Sprinkle Party Blowers

1. Print your sprinkle image on regular computer paper and cut a 2.5″ x 10″ strip. Fold the strip in thirds, so the ends slightly overlap in the middle.
2. Run a skinny piece of tape over the opening to secure.
3. Roll up the folded paper and secure with a small piece of tape or rubber band and leave it rolled for as long as possible, up to a day even! In the meantime remove the old cardboard/cardstock from your party horn, leaving just the plastic blower piece.
4. Remove the tape/rubber band and pop open one end of the folded paper. Slip it over the end of the plastic blower, fold the ends of the paper in and wrap with a piece of (pretty!).

For the party hats, print out the template above on cardstock. Cut and roll into a party hat shape, securing with double stick tape. Poke a hole in each side and slip elastic through, tying in a knot. Hot glue pom pom trim around the bottom.

For the cone wrappers, print out the template on computer paper. Cut out and roll into a cone shape. Secure with double stick tape and slip over an ice cream cone!

DIY Sprinkle Party Blowers
DIY Sprinkle Party Blowers

Photos by Jeff Mindell

And now you’re all set for your big birthday bash!!! Fun, right? I don’t think I’m ever gonna get sick of sprinkles. Sorry, dudes.

Now, be sure to tune in to HSN on July 18th to see the HP segment (and these on air!) and follow along me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat (And maybe even Periscope!) to see all the behind the scenes from the segment and the preparation for it! It’s gonna be such a freakin’ blast!!!

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