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DIY Locker Decor + Ideas!


DIY Locker Decor |

We got a lot of requests for DIY locker decor over the past few years… and we finally made it HAPPEN! There’s a new video up on our YouTube channel with SO MANY locker DIYs, from snapchat filter magnets (!!!) to milkshake pencil holders! Go check it out, and don’t forget to subscribe!! We won’t always be sharing our videos here, and you know you don’t wanna miss one!!

Click here to check out the locker DIY video!

DIY Snapchat Filter Magnets | studiodiy.comDIY Locker Decor | studiodiy.comDIY Locker Decor |

Photos by Jeff Mindell

All the sources for the projects + lockers are linked in the description of the video! I’d like to thank everyone who requested this video, because it gave me the best excuse to buy these amazing pink lockers! Ha! 😉

p.s. Three budget-friendly wall art ideas!


  • Erin Maree

    I never had lockers at my school (we could in our final year but that was only if you did exam level subjects and they were so small it wasn’t worth it). I am super jealous that you get to outfit them and have an excuse to buy super cute things! I was looking at buying some metal lockers but never had an excuse or a space to put them.
    They all look super cute though, so maybe I can find way to incorporate them into my life somehow.
    I have managed to buy some cute mini plant pots and have no idea what to do with them! Any chance you could do a DIY? I would plant succulents in them but they are super small (around 5cms high) so I am unsure what I could use them for (they were an impulse buy so I now have 10 of them haha) 😀

  • Helen

    Those snapchat filter magnets are absolutely amazing! I NEED those for my fridge!

    XO Helen |

  • Michelle

    This is so cool! I wish we had lockers at school so I could have styled it like this!

  • Lisa

    Wow… this almost makes me wish I was back in high school (almost! I don’t really need to relive the awkward-me years…). Those snap-chat magnets are awesome and I may need to make some for my fridge to pimp out our assorted niece and nephew photos.

  • Becky

    You bought these lockers?!? Can you share where you found them? Everything about this is just perfect, and makes my inner 14-year-old so, so happy.

  • Becky

    Never mind … just saw the Amazon link at the bottom of the video. Don’t mind me … 😉

  • Isabelle

    You did a wonderful job. After decorating locker looks great, it is much more pleasant and attractive.

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