New Series!! What’s In My Clutch!? (+ A BIG Giveaway!)


What's In My Clutch!?

Really excited to introduce a new feature today!!! This feature ties in really well with a major 2017 goal I have for Studio DIY. I’ll talk about it in depth in the new year, but in short, I’m excited to bring more stories to the blog next year in addition all the pretty pictures and projects we share. People, interviews, their stories, their faves.

So we’re kicking off a monthly interview series today called “What’s In My Clutch!?” where we’ll interview a different blogger, maker, entrepreneur or creative each month. Yes, they’ll tell us what’s in their clutch, but more than that, we’ll explore some fun stories that those items might lead us to and talk about their style philosophies overall, too. Each interview will be different. We’ll also have a fun giveaway of that month’s Can’t Clutch This clutch.

While normally I’ll be interviewing someone each month, to get things started, we turned the tables and had Samantha interview ME! Plus we have an extra special giveaway… you can win a THREE month subscription to Can’t Clutch This!!!! Ok, let’s get started!

What's In My Clutch!?

What’s your style philosophy?

I love to mix classic silhouettes with crazy colors and patterns and some more trendy items thrown in, too. I very much believe in investing in pieces like jeans or blazers that I’ll wear for years. (I’ve had a pair of J. Brand jeans for almost 10 years now that I still love!) But then I like to grab less expensive pieces, like fun shoes, bags and jewelry that I can switch out often.

I definitely have go to outfits, like jeans, a blazer and ankle boots or cropped pants, flats and a graphic tee. I’m a creature of habit.

Has your style changed over the years?

It’s funny, I took a look at our yearbook “Best Dressed” photo the other day and realized I had worn almost the exact same outfit that week: a blazer, t-shirt and skinny jeans. Told you! Creature of habit. I’ve definitely had my phases though. Jeff used to call me “biker Kelly” because I dyed my hair super dark and loved leather and more edgy items back when we started college! I actually didn’t wear a lot of color then either.

I have always been willing to try weird items and not care if other people didn’t “get it.” In 5th grade, I wore my hair in a side ponytail and everyone made fun of me, but I thought it was awesome. In high school I wore these giant furry boots and everyone would stare, but I still wore ’em! In the words of Tim Gunn, “Lighten up, it’s just fashion!” It’s fun to try crazy things!

What's In My Clutch!?

Do you remember your first purse?

Ooooh I’ve been obsessed with bags for way too long so I can’t remember which was my very first! I do vividly remember taking a trip to Puerto Rico and searching all of Old San Juan for the Dooney & Bourke store. I bought one of those bubblegum pink purses with the rainbow “DB” all over it and man, did I love that bag.


What's In My Clutch!?

What are five items you always keep in your purse or clutch? Tell us about each one.

Ginger chews, lipstick (a lot of them!), my phone (with my pop-socket!), my massive keychain/wallet situation and about 100 unused gift cards.

1. I carry ginger chews with me everywhere because I’ve suffer from chronic nausea ever since my big surgery back in 2002. They are a lifesaver! I’ve turned so many pregnant and motion sick prone people on to them.

2. In 2015 I made a resolution to wear lipstick (almost) every day. I don’t wear a lot of makeup but I love having a fun lip color to put on. It’s amazing how much this simple task has boosted my confidence.

3.  My phone is an obvious one, but I have to share my fave thing EVER! The PopSocket!! I have the 7+ which is a gigantic phone and too big for my hands, so I found this PopSocket which attaches to the phone and pops out to help me hold it! I love it so much. When I hold Jeff’s phone now (he doesn’t have one), I don’t know what to do with myself.

4.  I lose things a lot, so I keep my wallet and my keys all in one. It’s huge and obnoxious but there’s no way I could keep track of both separately. I bought this wallet in 8th grade in Paris. I was granted a wish from Make A Wish and they sent us on my dream trip to Paris and London! I went to the Louis Vuitton store in Paris and bought this and have had it ever since. It’s old and dirty but I just can’t part with it, it’s the perfect size to hold all my cards and has some great memories tied to it too.

5. Last would be… I have a serious problem spending gift cards? I hoard them. I have so many. Like dozens, from years and years ago. Some have a ton of money on them!! I don’t know what it is but I just forget about them.

Do I also spy some hand sanitizer in there? Are you a germophobe?

Yes, class A germophobe over here! My mom always puts these little Bath & Body Works ones in my stocking and I stockpile them.

Well that begs the question… what was your favorite Bath & Body Works item back in the day?

I was pretty big on the roll-on glitter. Scent wise, Cucumber Melon and Sweat Pea for LIFE.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever found in your purse?

Besides the 400 gift cards? I used to keep a single birthday candle in my purse. It started because we were celebrating my Dad’s birthday at my brother’s house a few years ago and I brought a candle in case he didn’t have one. He did, so I just kind of forgot it was in my purse. Months later we were out celebrating a friends birthday and someone said “I wish we had a candle!” as a joke and I was like…. actually…. I DO! I kept one in there for awhile after that because you never know…

What's In My Clutch!?

Photos by Jeff Mindell

Now how about a giveaway!?!? We’re giving away one three month subscription to Can’t Clutch This!! The giveaway will end Monday at 9am PST and a winner will be announced shortly thereafter. Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter! Giveaway open to readers worldwide!

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I really hope you like the new series! I’m excited about it. Remember the LAST DAY to get the taco clutch in time for Christmas is this FRIDAY! We’ve been hearing from so many of you that can’t believe how awesome the quality is for a $19.99 clutch and I’m so happy about that. It really is such a good deal you guys! Thanks for your enthusiasm and support!!


  • Heather B

    I love series like this, they’re one of my favorites! Thanks for sharing!

  • Nichelle

    Excited for this new series! Who doesn’t like to be a bit of a creeper and find out what is other people’s bags? I feel like I’ve been in many situations where having a birthday candle would be helpful.

  • Kelly

    Right?! “What’s in my bag” are like my FAVORITE things to read/watch!!

  • Hannah

    This series looks nothing short of amazing! I love that you carry a birthday candle. For a long time, I toted around a random crayon. I think a friend sneaked it in there one time and then I kept forgetting to take it out. Unfortunately, it never came in handy like your candle. lol

    I’m looking forward to more of these interviews in the future!

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

    • Kelly

      FUN FACT!!! You can actually use crayons as a CANDLE! They burn for at least 30 minutes hahahaha
      So GLAD that you’re liking the series, can’t wait to bring you more.

      • Hannah

        I think I’ve heard that before but I thought it was a myth. Hmm.. maybe I’ll give it a go in the future. Thanks, Kelly!

  • Kristina B

    Love it! I have to comment on the ginger chews. I get super motion sickness like all the time and being nauseous is the WORST. THING. EVER. so I’ll have to try those!
    Such a fun series! You can totally tell a lot from people by what’s in their bag and this is way better than just an typical interview. Excited to see more!!

  • Kelly

    YAY! So so so so glad that you are liking this new series!

  • Les

    love this new feature.
    cant wait to see this in 2017!
    (and i cant wait to see next months clutch) (OMG FLAMINGOS!!!!!! with Santa hats …so in December but still!!!! <3!!!)

  • Jessica

    This is such a cute feature!! I’m with you on the hand sanitizer and was definitely ALL about that cucumber melon roll-on body glitter (and Plumeria…and Sun Ripened Raspberry!). The ginger chews are a fave of mine for dealing with IBS and motion sickness too! I’m the same way about gift cards too, I never remember to spend them and if I’m actually at the store I don’t remember that I have a gift card and end up paying out of pocket! haha

    • Kelly

      THANK YOU!! I cannot go anywhere without hand sanitizer, seriously NEVER leave my house without it. Cucumber melon FO’ LIFE!

  • Diana

    You inspired me to get a PopSocket and it’s my favorite thing ever! Also, why aren’t we all trying to bring back roll-on glitter?!

    xo, Diana

  • Jess

    Best idea. Also, just thank you for your fun inspiration always on all your social media, but especially snapchat!!! #snaptroop 😘

  • Lea

    Your blog is Amazing and you are such an inspiration, all of you. I’m thinking about starting a blog and have your perfectly amazing as my inspiration.
    Ps: Your style, Jeffs photos, Samanthas incredible technical talent (I think it’s called), I wish I could empty my inbox as fast as she can, Annie and her creative (and amazing) piñatas, Theresas amazing pastrys and Alexs cute nail designs and beauty tips

  • Katie McC

    I love my taco clutch! My first purse that I loved was a Coach bag with polka dots I saved up to buy myself. None of my friends believed that it was real and everyone in high school thought I had a fake purse! I also had a DB purse that I LOVED! I wore that thing out to death. It had the most awesome rainbow zipper ever! Man, love thinking back to those days. I used to feel sooooo cool carrying a purse into school instead of a backpack for the first time.

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