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DIY Confetti Earrings


DIY Confetti Earrings

Don’t you go thinking we forgot New Year’s Eve over here! And what is NYE without confetti?!

For our latest post with our pals at Hallmark, we found the most amazing, glittery confetti card that is perfect for a friend of mine who loves all things sparkly. And since her birthday just so happens to be right before the new year, these DIY confetti earrings made the PERFECT gift!!!! You can fill ’em with any confetti, glitter, sequin, MAGIC situation you want and gift ’em or wear ’em to your heart’s desire! Ready!?

DIY Confetti EarringsDIY Confetti Earrings

Here’s the Hallmark Studio INK card we used as our inspiration! It’s neon pink glitter!! Can you even!? I love what it says so much that I bought a second one for myself to add to our gallery wall. (Pro tip: Use cards and stationery as affordable wall art! You can frame ’em just like a mini art print, or tape them up using washi tape! One of my favorite wall art hacks.) Ok, back to the earrings…

DIY Confetti Earrings

Total Time: 20-30 Minutes


Confetti of Your Choice
Plastic Fillable Ornaments (We used these, these and these!)
Earring Hooks
Jump Rings
Jewelry Pliers
Super Glue


1. Fill one half of the ornament with confetti. Overfill it if you want the final earring to be super full.
2. Run super glue along the rim of the half you just filled and place the other half on top, permanently sealing the two together so they won't open while you're wearing the earrings!
3. Open a jump ring using jewelry pliers and slip on the earring hook and ornament. (You can also use two jump rings like we did, for a little more length.)
4. Close back up the jump ring with your pliers. Done!!!

DIY Confetti EarringsDIY Confetti Earrings DIY Confetti EarringsDIY Confetti Earrings DIY Confetti EarringsDIY Confetti Earrings

Photos by Jeff Mindell

I feel like I need a pair for every single day of the week.

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