Happy Weekend (+ Happy Easter!)


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Weekend everyone!!! And Happy Passover too! We took Arlo to his first Easter egg hunt, he got his first Easter Bunny photos and he wore his cute little Easter outfit. We’ve got his Easter basket ready to go and well, all my dreams are coming true. It’s so cool and crazy and surreal and I can’t believe I finally get to experience a holiday with my own child. Don’t even care that he is too young to have even a clue what is going on! We actually don’t have any big plans for Easter weekend. Hopefully hanging with family but otherwise, just living in our own little dream world. For those celebrating, happy happy!!

Oh! oh! And our new clutch comes out on Sunday. AND! We’re sharing my spring capsule wardrobe ideas next week. Ok, YAY!

The Best Things on the Internet This Week

Hope you’re cookin’ up some burger eggs!

Peep chalk!!

Perfect hair clip for your Sunday Funday!

Williams Sonoma now has a mix for my fave cookies on the planet!!!

The cutest DIY balloon backdrop using our balloons!

OMG this sprinkles party!!

More plants I can actually keep alive. SCORE!

These rainbow slides though!

Happy Weekend!

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  • Les

    he MIIIIGHT be too small to remember this easter BUT never fear, he’ll remember a lot of his childhood and seeing as how colorful you are, this kid is set.

    i still remember my first disney trip at the age of 2.
    i remember it better than any other trip i have taken since (and the first month i got my pass at 26, i went 13 times in 1 month.)
    this kid is the luckiest.

    happy easter you 4! and the studio diy crew.

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