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What Is Something You’ve Done Lately That You’re Proud Of?


What Is Something You've Done Lately That You're Proud Of?

In the last two months, I’ve attended two intimate events with fellow women in business where the first thing everyone was asked was “What is something you’ve done lately that you’re proud of?”

Sounds simple, right? But think about it… when’s the last time you actually took a minute to acknowledge yourself and say “Wow, that was pretty awesome.” If you asked me back in 2017 I’d say… never? As women, I think we often don’t spend enough time patting ourselves on the back for things that we’ve overcome or goals that we’ve met. Perhaps we see it as being conceited or perhaps our plates are just so full that we jump right on to the next thing. But sitting in on those two events really made me realize that that needs to change. Since then, I’ve also joined a group of fellow business owners where we help each other overcome struggles by sharing things that we have accomplished. The combination of these three boosts of pride been really empowering for me.

I’ve teamed up with Modcloth for this post today and if you aren’t familiar, they are a brand that strives to bring female empowerment, inclusivity and body positivity by providing a wardrobe that’s made for every body. Case in point, those pants I’m wearing are from their new spring line (Which as a side note are probably one of the only truly comfortable pairs of high waisted pants I’ve ever worn. You should try ’em!)… they come in size XXS to 4XL. And with that in mind, as well as on the heels of International Women’s Month, I wanted to take these powerful moments I’ve recently had and pay it forward to you all. So today I’m asking, what is something YOU have done lately that you’re proud of? I’ll share first, then I hope you’ll share in the comments below.

What Is Something You've Done Lately That You're Proud Of?What Is Something You've Done Lately That You're Proud Of?What Is Something You've Done Lately That You're Proud Of?What Is Something You've Done Lately That You're Proud Of?

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I’ll start with something personal. I’m proud of the fact that I am about as introverted as it gets and I braved the adoption process which included intimate phone calls with women I’ve never met (Talking on the phone is one of my biggest sources of anxiety.) and navigating a relationship with Arlo’s birth mother which I’m incredibly proud of now, one year later. I’m also proud that I’ve been able to use my platform to share the beauty, love and joy of adoption, and inspire a few of you to take the leap into adoption yourselves. Jeff said this once and I’ll never forget it, “We may hate the term ‘influencer’ but if we can influence people to open their hearts to adoption, it’s a badge I’ll wear proudly.”

What Is Something You've Done Lately That You're Proud Of?What Is Something You've Done Lately That You're Proud Of?What Is Something You've Done Lately That You're Proud Of?

On the business front, I’m proud that I have created a space that inspires women to be themselves. One of the biggest ways I’ve seen this proven is through your wardrobes. I get countless messages from you guys about how I’ve inspired you to incorporate more color and pattern into your everyday life. It was honestly something I never expected to hear when I started this journey and it has been one of the greatest gifts. You don’t know how much those messages mean to me! I know that clothes don’t seem important but they truly can add a new layer of confidence and excitement to your everyday. As Modcloth says right there on their website, “We’re committed to inspiring personal style and helping our community and customers feel like the best version of themselves.” We share that passion!!!!

What Is Something You've Done Lately That You're Proud Of?

Photos by Jeff Mindell

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So now I want to hear from you. You can share something personal or professional, or both! But I’d love for you to share below something that you’ve done lately, something you’ve accomplished or something you’ve overcome that you are PROUD of? And then take a minute to re-read what you write and give yourself a pat on the back. Us women can do a LOT of amazing things and we need to give ourselves a high five more often. So consider this a BIG high five from me. And hey, maybe give a high five to a fellow commenter down below, too. You go girl!!!!!

Thank you to Modcloth for working with me on this post and encouraging me to empower you. You can shop their full range of spring items here!

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  • Michelle

    Wait, you’re introverted?! I would have never guessed that, you always seem so extroverted in your pictures! I am still struggling with showing myself in pictures on my blog, so you’re really motivating me to keep trying!

  • Erin Maree

    I think it’s super important to celebrate all your achievements which so few people do!
    I’ve just decided to continue studying Community Services to get my diploma once I complete my Cert. 4 and it’s nice to have that confidence in myself that I can do this and this will hopefully help me land a job I really want.

  • Mia

    I’m in grad school getting my masters in social work while working full time. This semester I took a “full time” class courseload and I have four weeks left of the semester (still another year to go on the degree), so I’m proud of that, also completely exhausted. Cheers to all the badass boss babes getting shit done!

  • Elle

    I’m working a full-time job to support myself and my partner in grad school. (Gotta pay that LA rent!) I’m proud that I still find time to make art and make our home more beautiful. It’s easy to say that the art you make isn’t as good as someone else’s and your home isn’t as cute as someone on the internet. Thank you for reminding me to take a minute and be proud of all the awesome stuff that I do!

  • Gabriela

    I’m introverted, too! I struggle a lot with thinking that what I’m doing isn’t good enough and wanting to do more but not knowing how, but there is something I’ve been proud of recently. I’m a person that hates asking questions because it feels embarrassing, but I was able to email two admissions officers at two separate universities to ask questions and get the ball rolling on applying to colleges. To all the strong women!👏✨

    • Kelly

      I totally relate to hating asking questions! That’s SO awesome that you got the ball rolling!!

  • Mimi Velarde

    Wow! You inspire me a lot everyday! I can’t miss any of your post or stories in Instagram. Now my turn, I’m proud of me for loosing almost 80 pounds and I feel awesome. And the other, I already have my brand up ready to start my business, but I’m scare a lot and I don’t have everything ready to launch. Everything is on ideas. Hope some day… you can see my work in @mimivelarde if you like. I’m from Mexico btw ❤️

    • Kelly

      Aw thank you so much, Mimi!!! That is SO exciting that you are ready to launch your business!! My one thing that I’ve learned, you SHOULD be scared when you’re launching something big! It’s what helps push you to make it successful. And I know it will be!! Sending all the good vibes your way!!!

  • Kristina B

    Oh God PHONE CALLS. If you start a sentence “You need to call-” you will hear me go NOPE before you finish it.
    I have a giant fear of driving new places or complicated places. Yesterday I had to pick up my parking permit for the new store and I ended up driving all over Cambridge and Somerville, NOTORIOUS for the messy and one-way roads because OH you don’t pick up your permit at City Hall…you have to go over here! Then over here! And over there!
    I was traumatized for sure but made it and got my friggin-A permit! And a giant coffee as a reward.

    • Kelly

      BAM! Go girl! I’ll also say, from driving in that area, PROPS to you! I’ve never been to a part of the country that is more confusing to drive in!!!

  • Joanne

    This isn’t recent because I’m old enough to be your mother, but I am so proud of my children. I’ve done as much as possible (as has my husband) to help them grow into solid citizens and I believe that they are. Their priorities seem right and they work and play hard. I am proud to have helped them get on their particular paths in life.

  • Sammy

    You are amazing! Everytime I look at your IG post it makes me so happy! Infact the first thing I do as soon as I wake up every morning is look at your page, so my day always begins on a happy note thanks to you! This is my story…I was a sheltered child and super duper shy so when I applied to grad schools in America ( I’m from India) I was apprehensive but I knew I had to learn to be independent. So after moving to America, I found a job as a waitress, I worked at two restaurants while going to grad school. I was able to finally come out of my shell. Now, I’m my most confident and happiest self and I couldn’t be more proud! I changed from drab to fab!!! Sorry my comment is quite long I got a bit excited 😂

  • Rachael

    I’m proud that I let my secret out of the bag! I have been collecting stickers since I was little. I love them. I always felt like it was something I was supposed to “outgrow.” I had no friends that loved stickers. No one to share my collection with (other than my boyfriend, who is ridiculously supporrive) I had been all alone in my sticker world until this year. In January I decided to start my Instagram page @rachaelsstickers. I wanted to share all my little sticky pieces of art. I saw toy collectors doing it and I thought, maybe I should put my passion out there!! Since then, I have met so many people that love stickers too! Grown women just like me!! People tell me how my stickers bring back so many memories for them and it gives me goose bumps everytime. I put myself out there, the real me.. and I wasn’t rejected, in fact, I was embraced! So much so, that today I finalized my very first sticker design and it has gone into production! I’m a sticker designer now! Four months ago I was alone in my rainbow world and now I’m designing stickers!!! It’s literally a dream come true for me. So I’m proud of me today, I did that! I’m excited to dream about where I could be in another four months…. and I’m proud of that too! I want to keep dreaming and to keep taking it further than I thought I could! I want to keep making ME proud! 🌈😉

  • Melina

    I’m graduating with my Master’s next month and I just landed my dream job!

  • Jen

    What a timely post! Last night I sat and cried happy tears of pride for my business partner and I. We just announced that we’re opening a small shop of locally made products and the responses have been overwhelmingly positive! We’ve been working hard on our baby and now it’s finally happening. We may live on a tiny island in Canada but there’s huge support and we’re making waves!

  • Leah

    I’m proud that I earned number one in my class this year; I’m a freshmen this year.

  • Vegas Group

    so proud with this article make me love women style so much

  • Jonel

    I am proud that I, an overweight 50+ woman, went outside my comfort zone and hired a personal trainer and that I have stuck to my workout this year. I am also proud that I took up golf last year and found a hobby that I really enjoy. I am finally putting self care as a priority. I am also proud of the wonderful supportive women that I have in my life.

  • Taylor

    I just defended my thesis for my PhD in chemistry!

  • Allison Roe

    Just this last weekend, I got certified to teach Buti Yoga, my first fitness certification! I start teaching on Sunday, and I am so excited and proud to be taking steps towards what makes me truly happy: bringing health and wellness to others in a fun, safe, and approachable way!

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  • Gwen

    I commented a little about this on the what do you do post but it probably belongs here more so I’ll commit a tiny sin and comment again.

    Last year I quit my job where I had a steady paycheck and started my own toy embroidery business. I have an intense fear of driving which has really limited me in every aspect of my life but especially in my career– if it wasn’t in my tiny driving comfort zone I wouldn’t even apply for a job. Now I’m slowly working to overcome my anxiety so I can actually start driving to the city (I live outside of Dallas) and visit boutiques that stock my pieces. I’ve never been more scared in my life which probably means I’m on the right path!

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    full of fresh and excited image.

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