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22 DIY Group + Couple Halloween Costume Ideas!


DIY Pool Float Costume |

We’ve got more new costumes coming your way next week! Until then, I wanted to round up a few of our favorite costumes from past years, because we have made SO. MANY. and they’re still so fun!!! So today I’ve gathered together 20 DIY group and couples costumes! It’s always fun to dress up with a friend or significant other so hopefully these will spark some ideas!!

1. (Above) DIY Pool Float Costumes

DIY FroYo Costume

2. DIY Fro-Yo + Fro-Yo Shop Guy Couples Costume

DIY School Lunch Costumes

3. DIY School Lunch Group Costume

DIY Birthday Cake (+ Birthday Boy!) Couples Costume

4. DIY Birthday Cake + Birthday Boy Couples Costume

DIY Palm Tree + Beach Ball Costumes

5. DIY Palm Tree + Beach Ball Group Costume

DIY Lisa Frank Costumes

6. DIY Lisa Frank Group Costume

DIY Pencil & Notebook Couples Costume

7. DIY Pencil + Notebook Couples Costume

DIY Troop Beverly Hills Costume

8. DIY Troop Beverly Hills Group Costume

DIY 90s Toys Costumes

9. DIY 90s Toys Group Costume

DIY Citrus Slice Costumes

10. DIY Citrus Slices Group Costume

DIY Space Family Costume

11. DIY Rocketship + Solar System Couples Costume

DIY Strawberry & Farmer Costumes

12. DIY Strawberry + Farmer Couples Costume

DIY Hot Dog Costume

13. DIY Hot Dog + Condiments Group Costume

DIY Cookies + Milk Couples Costume

14. DIY Cookies + Milk Couples Costume

DIY Soda Bottle Costumes

15. DIY Soda Bottles Group Costume

16. DIY Pizza + Delivery Man Couples Costume

DIY Croquembouche Costume

17. DIY Croquembouche + French Chef Couples Costume

DIY Pie Slice Costumes

18. DIY Pie Slice Group Costume

DIY Tropical Drink + Pool Boy Couple's Costume

19. DIY Tropical Drink + Pool Boy Couples Costume

20. DIY Milkshakes Group Costume

DIY Bubble Bath Family Costume

21. DIY Bath Time Group Costume

22. DIY Fries Before Guys Couples Costume

Which one is your fave!? Would love to know!! And remember, if you decide to make one of our costumes, be sure to tag it with #studiodiyincostume on Instagram!!



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