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DIY Space Family Costume


DIY Space Family Costume

Better late than never! Time to kick off this year’s DIY Halloween costumes!!! CLEARLY Arlo was really feeling his new life as an astronaut. I can’t even handle him in these photos!!! Hahaha! I jotted down this idea after Arlo’s first birthday party because I wanted to do my own spin on a space family costume. Clearly I’m not the first to do this theme, but I wanted to make it more colorful and vibrant! So we’ve got a modern and bright rocketship, astronaut and solar system! Each one would be super cute on it’s own, or pick any two for a couples costume! Keep scrolling for the tutorials!

DIY Space Family CostumeDIY Space Family CostumeDIY Space Family Costume

DIY Space Family CostumeDIY Space Family CostumeDIY Space Family CostumeDIY Space Family CostumeDIY Space Family CostumeDIY Space Family CostumeDIY Space Family CostumeDIY Space Family CostumeDIY Space Family CostumeDIY Space Family Costume

DIY Space Family Costume

Total Time: Approx. 3 Hours


For the Astronaut:

Sweatsuit (Arlo's is from here!)
Space Patches (We used these and these!)
Two Soda/Drink Bottles (We used 24oz ones because Arlo is so tiny but you could use 2 liter bottles for bigger kids!)
Orange and Yellow Felt
1/2" Elastic
Silver Paint + Paintbrush
Hot Glue Gun

For the Planet Candy Bucket:

Pumpkin Candy Bucket
Smoothfoam Wreath (That fits over your candy bucket. If it's a bit too small, you can shave off some of the inside carefully with a craft knife!)
Non-Toxic Paint in 2 Colors of Your Choice
Hot Glue Gun

For the Rocketship:

Silver (or white, or any color!) Dress (I'm wearing this one!)
Craft Foam Yellow, Orange and any other two colors you'd like
Shoe Clips
Hot Glue Gun

For the Solar System:

Blue T-Shirt
Smoothfoam balls in varying sizes from 2"-4" (Sometimes you can find half spheres like these and these and this is great because you don't have to cut them!)
Mini Smoothfoam (or regular foam, if you can't find the smooth!) Wreath
Paint in Variety of Colors + Paintbrush
Hot Glue Gun
Wax Paper


For the Astronaut:

1. Clean out the soda bottles, remove labels and caps.
2. Paint the soda bottles silver. You may need 2-3 coats, letting dry completely between each coat.
3. Cut out 2 "fire" shapes from orange felt, then 2 smaller fire shapes from yellow felt. These don't have to be perfect! If freehanding it makes you nervous, google "fire clip art" and print out something to use as a template from there!
4. Hot glue the yellow fire on top of the orange fire.
5. Roll the base of the fire so it's small enough to fit inside the bottle tops. Add a bit of hot glue to the back of each and glue inside the bottle tops.
6. Cut two pieces of elastic big enough to go around your child's shoulder and under the arm.
7. Hot glue the two soda bottles together. Then, hot glue each elastic piece to one of the soda bottles. Glue the ends of the elastic pieces together to form two loops.
8. Select the patches you want to use and where you want to put them. Either iron (per package instructions) or hot glue the patches in place.

For the Planet Candy Bucket:

1. Paint the plastic pumpkin bucket whatever color you'd like and the wreath a contrasting color. Let dry.
2. Slip the wreath over the pumpkin bucket, add a few dots of hot glue to hold in place.

For the Rocketship:

1. Find two circular items in your house (think a bowl, a lid, etc.) that are two slightly different sizes. Use the larger item to cut out three circles from one foam color and the smaller item to cut out three circles from another color.
2. Cut out two "fin" shapes from another color of foam.
3. Glue the smaller circles on top of the larger circles.
4. Glue the circles to the front of your dress. Then glue the fins to the seams of the dress, one on each side!
5. Cut out two fire shapes from orange foam, and two smaller fire shapes from yellow foam.
6. Glue the smaller fire shapes on top of the larger ones.
7. Attach directly to your shoes or to a shoe clip with glue so they are removable!

For the Solar System:

1. If you have any full spheres (instead of the half spheres I mentioned) carefully cut them in half with scissors or a craft knife. Also cut the mini wreath in half.
2. Lay out your planets on your shirt to decide where you want everything. I recommend taking a picture so you remember the layout!
3. Paint all the half spheres and half-wreath a variety of vibrant colors. Let dry completely.
4. Hot glue to the t-shirt. I recommend putting wax paper inside the shirt so the glue doesn't go through both layers of the shirt!

DIY Space Family CostumeDIY Space Family CostumeDIY Space Family CostumeDIY Space Family CostumeDIY Space Family Costume

Photos by Jeff Mindell

In the effort of transparency, I feel like I should address a few things… 1) I didn’t try my dress on until the day we shot it and I realize it is unrealistically short for chasing a toddler in, haha! 2) I was also supposed to have a little party hat to finish off the top of my rocketship costume but it just didn’t happen! 3) The cute planet candy bucket didn’t make it in any photos because Arlo threw it across the road and broke it.

All that’s to say is, costumes with kids don’t always go as planned, but look how darn cute it can still be! So if something goes awry, roll with it! I really love how the final thing turned out.


  • Erica

    OMG. Arlo. These are the cutest photos ever. I’m dying of cuteness overload!

  • Victoria Shingleton

    I was just looking at last year’s Halloween and Arlo was so tiny – stop, Arlo! You’re growing up too fast!!! He looks so adorable in his little space costume.

    Also, you could throw some leggings under the dress and solve the toddler-chasing problem! Could add to the space theme, too – think Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century!

  • Kristina B

    That kid is PRO at posing! The Saturn trick or treat bucket kills me! Too bad it’s roadkill!

  • Marly

    He looks so happy. I’ve been checking out your blog for years. Your family’s story truly warms my heart.

  • Amelia Ryczek

    The PLANET CANDY BUCKET!!!! I’m dead.

  • email login

    Love the family costume so much! Feeling like just yesterday when I read your first post about Arlo, he grows up so fast.

  • Erinn Deg

    Is Arlo wearing the color “pool” from the website? I ordered it but it doesn’t look as bright as the blue in your photos. Thanks so much!

  • Felicity Cornett

    This is so cute!! We have taken some inspiration from this for our family Halloween costumes, we added an alien to the mix though as well as warmed up the theme with a sweater instead of dress and thermal instead of a tshirt! Still got majority of our theme from this though!

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