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A Goodies + Gift Wrap Holiday Party (+ DIY Present Balloons!)


DIY Present Balloons |

‘Tis OFFICIALLY the season!!!! We threw a little Goodies + Gift Wrap Party for our pals at Balloon Time! It’s kind of my favorite idea for a party. Hang out with friends, be festive, and get your gift wrapping done too! WA-BAM! We even made some DIY present balloons (!), peppermint candy balloons AND a bar car sleigh because… if there’s anything better than a sleigh filled with presents, it’s one filled with sips and sweets! You can find all the tutorials over on Balloon Time!

DIY Goodies + Gift Wrap Party | 
DIY Peppermint Candy Balloons |
DIY Bar Cart Sleigh | 
DIY Goodies + Gift Wrap Party |

Photos by Jeff Mindell

p.s. The reindeer balloons are from here!

Have you ever thrown a gift wrap party? I might try to throw one at the studio next year!


  • Monique | WritingMonique

    Oh wow! These photos look absolutely beautiful, they instantly make me happy! Great balloons!

  • Marielle

    Whahaha that second picture is to die for (see what I did there?). You almost don’t notice the legs, but then you do. Made me giggle 😀

  • Rosie

    OMG what a cute idea! These pictures are too fun and I want the reindeer and bar cart! ??? I’m going to have to find time to try this….

  • Carrie

    This is beyond adorable! Thanks for the smile. 🙂


  • Kendall

    This is one of the best Christmas decorations I have ever seen! So girly, pinky, something non traditional <3

  • Lexy | Proper

    Kelly! That first photo of you on the floor is my absolute favorite. Holy moly! This is the cutest. And now I must have that reindeer.

  • Lexi

    Love the big balloon grouping and your legs!!! Perfectly playful!

    I have a question about the photography. I hope you can answer…

    I love the look of your pictures! Light and bright. I need to take our Christmas card photos and was wondering if Jeff ever uses a flash. I think you have a studio now, so it looks like you have lots of natural light and a big reflector. Haha! I am trying to look at the balloon reflection. But my white wall isn’t as bright, so I am wondering if he ever uses a flash maybe on cloudy days??

    • Kelly

      Hi Lexi! Jeff doesn’t ever use a flash, though we are looking into getting some lighting as the winter light in the studio is harder to work with. We swear by the giant reflector we use (that you can see in the balloon reflection! Ha!) which is similar to this one. It does bounce a lot of light, even if your house isn’t as bright! All our photos are brightened through an editing process after shooting though to get the look that we (and you!) love! If the light in your house isn’t great, I bet you could find a wall somewhere outside in indirect light to shoot against! Hope that helps.

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