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DIY Avocado Buttons


DIY Avocado Buttons!

It’s an avocado shirt, you guys!!!! One of my closet staples is a button down shirt, and I wanted to find a way to jazz it up a bit! I mean, there’s not all that much you can do to a button down… aside from avocado buttons!!!! Truth be told, we originally thought about doing egg buttons but that just seemed like too much with the scarf. Haha!!

If you can find a shirt that already has brown buttons, all you need to do this is paint! And if you can’t, just snag some cheap brown buttons and BAM! A subtle little way to add some humor to the most basic closet must-have of all time.

DIY Avocado Buttons! DIY Avocado Buttons!DIY Avocado Buttons!

DIY Avocado Buttons! DIY Avocado Buttons!

DIY Avocado Buttons

Total Time: 1 Hour


Button Down Shirt (I used this one!)
Green Fabric Paint
Green Colored Pencil (Optional, for drawing your avocado outlines if you don't want to freehand!)
Small Paint Brush
Brown Buttons (The same size as the ones on your shirt!) + Needle, Thread and Pins
Small scissors or Seam Ripper


1. I decided to outline my avocado shapes before painting, but you can freehand paint if you want! To outline, I used a colored pencil and drew an avocado shape around the button hole. Make sure to try to center the larger "bottom" half of the avocado around the button hole. You can make yours on a little slant like mine are or make them straight up and down.
2. So I swear my avocados have two shades, but you can't see it in the photo!! I started with a slightly darker shade of green and filled in my avocado shape. Then I went over the center (right away, before the dark green dried) with a lighter green to give that true avocado look. Sorry you can't see it clearly here! Let dry completely.
3. If you are replacing your buttons like I did, remove the buttons with small scissors. Mark each button spot with a pin. Hand stitch the new buttons in the same place as the original ones. I stitched mine on upside down because they were more rounded like avocado pits that way! I actually like to leave the pin in while I'm stitching because it leaves just a little bit of room for when you actually button the shirt!

DIY Avocado Buttons! DIY Avocado Buttons!

Photos by Jeff Mindell

 Anyone have some other fun button ideas!?!? You could do cute flowers! Oh and by the way, I’m definitely doing the eggs. Just didn’t want you guys to think I was crazy…. 😉

Speaking of crazy! I can’t believe it but there is only THREE more days left to get the taco clutch before it is gone for literally ever. If you were thinkin’ about it but hadn’t pulled the trigger, consider this your heads up! And now you have an avocado shirt to wear it with so…

Can’t wait for you to see the new clutch on MONDAY!

p.s. An Avocado Piñata!


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